Best Bluegill Imitation Lures Top 10 [Buyers Guide]

Many fish that I love to catch eat bluegill but I got tired of always having to constantly resupply my bluegill bait. So I did some research and found out about the best bluegill imitation lures, it turns out these lures not only look and swim exactly like bluegill but also attract their prey very well!

These bluegill imitating lures have really increased my success rate in catching many more bass, trout, walleye, pike, perch, and many other fish that feed on bluegill. After many years of fishing with these best bluegill imitation lures, I have found that the Bassdash Bluegill Lure is the best out of all of them.

With this lure, anything your fishing for that loves to eat bluegill will be fooled by how realistic this thing looks it’s truly amazing.

When I started using this lure I was shocked at how well it looked when in the water, you would think it’s a real fish by the way it swims. Thanks to this bluegill imitation lure over the last couple of years I have caught many more bass, trout and anything you can think of that eats bluegill a lot easier.

Here below you can find the list of the top 10 bluegill imitation lures.

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Bassdash Bluegill Lure

The bass dash bluegill lure does the best job at imitating bluegill from the looks to the movement and it’s a crankbait lure. What makes this bluegill lure so unique is that it has a six solid joint design which makes it have that natural swimming look of a fish.

The joints help the lure swim side to side just like a real bluegill. This is my favorite bluegill lure to use when I’m trying to fish for anything that loves bluegill from musky to bass, pike, and much more.

The hooks on the lure are #6 treble hooks and they really help in securing your catch I’ve noticed that this lure has a high catch success rate when the fish bites I just reel it in with ease and it never gets away.

On to the looks, it literally looks like a real bluegill because it’s made specifically to imitate one from the scales to the realistic laser 3d eyes and just the overall textures.

It’s a high-quality hard swimbait that’s constructed with abs materials which makes it really durable and helps it with the overtime damage from the fish pressure, it has lasted me over five years so far and still looks great!

Another reason why the lure helps secure your catch is because of its multi sections design they actually help to keep the bass hooked even better.

The lure length is three and a half inches and can be cast very well and smoothly. This is a high-quality bluegill lure that just won’t disappoint I take it every time that I go fishing for pike or even bass.

It really just attracts them like no other lure and actually tricks them into thinking it’s a real bluegill because it looks so real and swims like a real fish.

I have so much fun using it and really feels like a puppet, you can make it swim like an injured fish it’s incredible and I never leave without it! I highly recommend it if you are after fish that eat bluegill like bass, pike, musky, and just any fish, in general, that eats them.

If you would like to check out the bassdash bluegill lure you can find it here below at a great price I highly recommend and it is one the best bluegill imitation lures out there.

Savage Gear 3D Pulse Tail Bluegill Lure

My second favorite bluegill lure is the savage gear 3d pulse tail bluegill lure, it looks just like a real bluegill because its appearance is based on a scan of a real bluegill to make it look exactly like one.

It is a line thru sinking lure which means that the hook is going to move away and slide up its line and this design is quite unique for a lure to have.

This design makes the body of the bait slide from the fish when you hook it, this increases the chance for the fish not to get away. When I use this lure I like to hook it on the back to hide it and make it look more like a real fish.

The 3D pulse tail gives it a unique design which makes the lure swim nicely and it really helps me in fooling the bass when I’m catching them. The lure is also suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and the weight of it is three ounces.

When it comes to unique designs this lure blows most out of the water with its 3d pulse tail and the line thru design. This is my go-to bluegill sinking lure for when I’m fishing for trout in a lake and for the price you just can’t go wrong for the high quality you get.

If you will like to check out the savage gear bluegill lure at a great price you can here below I highly recommend it!

Soljer Bluegill Lure

The third lure is the soljer bluegill lure this is a six-jointed slow slinking lure, it’s made with abs plastic and comes with two treble hooks.

The lure is four inches long and weighs one point two ounces. Compared to the other bluegill lures its much cheaper, I remember using this lure when I was fishing for bass and I caught a big one.

It’s a very life-like lure that swims just like a fish and is pretty durable I really like it. Overall it’s a great-looking lure that has a nice action when in the water. This bluegill lure is one of the best and for the price, it’s even better.

If your serious about catching bass, pike, trout, and anything that loves to eat bluegill then definitely get one of these.

With this lure, the bass just won’t stand chance and I highly recommend this lure because of the quality and it really attracts trout very well. This lure is one of the best bluegill imitation lures to use and it really has helped me catch many trout.

If you want to check out the soljer bluegill lure that I highly recommend you can here below at a great price!

ODS Bluegill Lure

The fourth lure is going to be the ODS bluegill glide bait lure, it’s made for topwater fishing and its a great floating swimbait. It’s an amazing lure that can glide and float and really attracts walleye, bass, pike, and even trout.

This particular lure is made with a two-section body that has metal joints connecting to each other. The joint design allows the lure to swim in a real and natural z-shaped movement which makes it look like an actual fish.

I really like the life-like 3d eyes and when it’s in the water it gives off a shine that the yellow perch seem to really notice and they just go for the strike.

The tail has a fiber strand hackle tail design that moves in the water in a lively way and it gives off that natural look a fish has to really trick the fish into thinking it’s a real bluegill.

This is a different type of bluegill lure compared to the others it has four built-in steel balls inside of it that rattle and also help gives a smoother cast and control. This is meant to float on the topwater at rest and makes a nice amount of noise to further help attract its prey.

The way the steel balls work is that as you retrieve the balls start to rattle to help in attracting the fish so that they can go for the bite. The hooks that come with this bluegill lure are sharp #2 treble hooks and the lure is also constructed with ABS material which is quite durable.

It’s a beautiful-looking bluegill lure that’s perfect for the big trout and bass that I love to fish. When casting this lure it’s so smooth it’s got the weight to get that real long-distance cast and has a nice side movement to give it a more natural presentation.

The lure is 5.9 inches in length and weighs 2 ounces. All in all this ODS bluegill lure is very high quality and I highly recommended it, I personally use it when I’m fishing topwater applications and I love it!

If you want to check out the ODS Bluegill lure you can here below at a great price!

Acexpnm Bluegill Lure

The fifth lure is the Acexpnm bluegill lure this is a crankbait sinking lure. It’s uniquely designed with a six-segment multi-joint feature that allows it to swim in an S movement just like a real fish.

The joints have a strong fabric in-between them that gives it a pulling power of up to seventeen kilograms and can help in catching even the bigger-sized bass, trout, and walleyes. I have caught a nice amount of big bass with this one and it has that natural real fish presentation when in the water that just fools the fish.

Also, the material it’s made of is abs material which is odorless so it won’t confuse the fish. I like this lure it’s very cheap for the high quality that you get and works great in slow-moving water and even when it’s just standing still.

The looks on the lure look nice it has 3d lifelike laser eyes and textured fins that do vivid swimming strokes when in the water. It comes with two hooks that are #6 treble hooks and are very sharp which really helps in hooking the fish much better.

I really like how well it swims thanks to its multi-joint feature it really tricks the fish into believing it’s a real bluegill and really attracts the pike, bass, musky, and pretty much any fish that eats bluegill extremely well.

When I go fishing for musky and bass on the topwater this one really works wonders I love the way it attracts them as soon as it touches the water!

If your looking for a bluegill lure that sinks three to five meters and works great for topwater applications I would highly suggest you get one of these I have had a higher catch rate thanks to this one.

For the price you definitely can’t go wrong with this lure, it’s one of the cheapest on the list and it’s one of my favorites because it has helped me catch a fourteen-pound bass without a problem.

If you would to check out the Acexpnm bluegill lure you can here below this one is very cheap so I highly recommend it!

Sunrise Angler Bluegill Lure

The next lure on the list is the Sunrise Angler Bluegill lure it is a hard sinking lure with a very nice action, this one has unique features that I personally like.

The two-point swim system design makes it swim naturally thanks to its clear square bill in the head section which makes it move side to side and helps the large tail swing in an s movement.

The body has six sections with five joints that also help with the S swimming movement when underwater. The joints are quite durable because of the high-quality dyneema fabric it’s constructed with so it will last.

On top of that what makes this lure even better is the built-in gravity steel ball that makes the lure a bit heavier so that you are able to cast it further. When you retrieve the lure it makes a rattling sound of a fish feeding which really helps in attracting its prey!

The art visuals on this lure are nice and help it look realistic along with the eyes being 3d prismatic eyes. This lure is four inches in length and weighs about 0.8 ounces so it’s not that light.

It is made with ABS plastic material which is great and tough also it comes with dual ultra #6 treble hooks.

I have caught a ton of catfish in a pond with this one myself, something about the rattle sound it creates really attracts them and makes them strike at the lure which I like I was surprised how well it performed.

This is my personal go-to flathead catfishing lure because they seem to always want to strike it which makes it one of the best bluegill imitation lures to get.

When you use this lure you’re going to be in for a surprise the fish really seem to strike very well at this one which is great and for that reason I highly recommend it!

You can check out the Sunrise Angler Bluegill lure here below I like the rattling sound this lure makes to attract its prey and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bluegill imitation lure.

Savage gear DC Slide Bluegill Lure

The seventh lure is going to be the savage gear dc slide bluegill top water lure. What the dc in the name of this lure stands for is the dual chamber feature. This dual chamber feature is crafted with two chambers which makes it a waterproof lure, I like waterproof lures in general so I don’t have to wipe them down and dry them.

It’s a floating lure that works great against bass and has a see-through effect that of a real bluegill for a more realistic look. Visual wise it looks nice its photo printed to copy the looks of a real bluegill.

The tail helps with its swimming movement, it’s a fiber flare tail that has the movement of a real fishtail and looks pretty real. I like that this lure imitates a hurt bluegill floating on the surface and it really attracts its prey pretty nicely.

Efficiency wise I love it the fan tail copies the movement of a fish that is hurt and fish like pike, muskie, bass, and trout really notice that and always go for the strike. The hook design on this lure is a double hook design with an upward hook and it comes with a frog-style hook.

Great for fishing smallmouth bass and largemouth bass thanks to its injured visuals when underwater it really attracts its prey very well.

It’s a great topwater bluegill lure with injured visuals that help increase the chance for you to get a strike even more and I highly recommend it, you can find the Savage gear dc bluegill lure here below at a great price.

Fish Lab Bio Gill Soft Bluegill Lure

Number eight on the list is going to be the Fish Lab Bio Gill Soft Bluegill rigged swimbait lure. This lure is a soft swimbait that you can get in two different sizes of your choosing from four inches in length to five.

I really like the T-tail design on this lure it has a nice swimming action at all types of speeds making it versatile. The tail also has a nice real fish movement which helps it look alive and attracts fish very well too.

The jig hook is located on the top head section and it really helps me get that secure hook in the bass when I use it, they rarely get away.

If you’re looking for a bluegill imitation lure that can sink down to twelve feet deep you’re going to want this one because it’s perfect for the application. The lure looks visually appealing and has similar colors to that of a bluegill which helps it look just like one.

I like to use this lure when I’m trying to catch fish that are very deep in the water and just don’t want to come up to the topwater, this is the right tool for the job of going very deep. When in the water it looks great, just like a fish, and it really fools walleye pretty good!

If you would like to check out the Fish Lab Bio Gill Soft Bluegill Lure that I highly recommend you can here below at a great price!

Fish Lab Bio Gill Wake Bait Bluegill Lure

The ninth lure on the list is the Fish lab Bio Gill wake bait bluegill lure. This lure has a three-piece design that is connected with two joints which helps in giving it a nice floating action.

This jointed design makes the lure be able to swim in a realistic way. The joints also seem to make noise when moving underwater which helps attract its prey.

The reason wake bait is in the name of this lure is that it’s uniquely made to cause a big wake when you’re retrieving it to help further attract the fish that you are after even better!

Size-wise you can get this lure in two size models ranging from four to five inches and it comes with two VMC hooks which help secure your catch very well.

If your looking for a bluegill lure that has a great slow retrieve and medium action this one works great for the application.

The looks of this lure are painted very well and the art looks really beautiful. In the water, it swims so realistically and looks like a fish that’s alive.

Anything that loves to feed on bluegill will strike this bluegill lure in an instant, it’s one of the great best bluegill imitation lures out there that will just make its prey think it’s actually real.

If you would to check the Fish lab Bio Gill wake bait bluegill lure at a great price you can here below I highly recommend it!

RF GILMAN Bluegill Lure

The last lure on the list is the RF Gillman bluegill glide lure. It’s nice for when you’re retrieving in boulder and also sunken tree areas. A great floating lure that just attracts fish very well and does a good job doing it.

The details on this bluegill come from a real photo image to make it look the way a real bluegill looks. It looks real in the water and fish do seem to get attracted to it pretty well. The length of this lure is four and a half inches and weighs about 1 and 1/4 ounces.

Also, it has a two-section body with one joint in the middle to give it a more normal swimming look when it’s in the water and helps in fooling its prey. Swimming wise it has a really nice action and realistic look that just fools the fish.

When I used this lure on some bass they just kept biting it which is great! You can get this lure in two models, floating or sinking which is a nice choice to have. I like that it comes with two VMC sharp treble hooks and one of them is a feathered hook the reason for the feathered hook design is because it looks like a fin underwater.

Overall the art on this bluegill is great and I like the fins because they move in the water for a more lively fish look. Price-wise it’s definitely on the higher side but you get a very high-quality lure made of great materials and attracts phenomenally.

This bluegill lure is made with higher quality in mind which is what I like about this lure and easily puts it up there in my list of the best bluegill imitation lures.

If you would like to check this lure out you can find the RF Gillman bluegill glide bait here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the best bluegill imitation lures are amazing types of lures that look exactly like bluegills and are the best at attracting the fish that love to eat them like perch, bass, trout, pike, walleye, muskie, and many other fish species that you can think of.

Now that you have seen the list of the best top 10 best bluegill imitation lures that I highly recommend get yourself a couple or even one at least and watch the fish just throw themselves at you!