Best Eel Lures For Striped Bass Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

Fishing striped bass for many years has helped me find out about the best eel lures for striped bass. I noticed that they love to eat eels quite often so I figured why not try an eel lure?

So I did and tested hundreds of eel lures for striped bass fishing and found the best ones to use. The best eel lure that I have ever used is the Savage gear 3D real eel lure and it attracts striped bass incredibly well.

Using this lure has doubled my catch rate and I never leave without it when I go out fishing for striped bass. It’s an incredible eel lure that is a must-use for anyone that loves to fish striped bass and I highly recommend it.

As soon as they see it they strike immediately, I have never seen such a great lure attract this well before. This is the main lure that I use for striped bass fishing and I’m able to catch anywhere between twenty to even thirty striped bass in one day.

Here below you can find the top 5 best eel lures for striped bass.

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Savage Gear 3D Real Eel Lure

The best eel lure for striped bass is the Savage gear 3D real eel lure. Out of all the best eel lures for striped bass that I have used over the years, this is the one that has given me the most success in catching them.

It is a 3D scanned soft eel lure that does a great job at imitating a real eel and tricks striped bass very well. When I cast this lure it doesn’t take too long for the striped bass to strike and I always end up catching anywhere between twenty to thirty striped bass in one trip.

The tail design is nice, it gives the lure a realistic eel movement that looks like a real-life eel swimming when underwater. Also, it has an amazing kicking action to it that helps attract striped bass incredibly well.

It comes in five different colors but I went with the green colored one. Visually the paint looks nice and it’s a very durable lure. The size ranges from eight, twelve, and sixteen inches and I use the twelve-inch length eel that weighs 2 3/4 ounces.

It comes pre-rigged with a top x sharp hook and a treble hook on the lower section that always lands me a great hook set. This is the best eel lure for striped bass that attracts them like no other by fooling them into thinking it’s a real-life eel.

If you would like to check out the Savage gear 3D real eel lure that I always use for fishing striped bass, you can find it here below at a great price!

Kachawoo Artificial Eel Lure

The second best eel lure on the list is the Kachawoo artificial eel lure. This is one of the best eel lures for striped bass fishing applications. The Kachawoo artificial eel lure is a hard lure that has a great slow-sinking action to it.

It’s a thirteen-segmented eel lure that is jointed together and works great for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. This design makes the lure swim in a lifelike manner just like a real eel and helps attract bass excellently.

When I use this lure striped bass strike it quite often and the segmented section design helps with the catch. The lure is nine and five inches long in length and weighs forty-six grams.

It comes with three treble hooks that really help secure anything that strikes it and striped bass rarely get away when they bite.

You can get this eel lure in three different colors and I personally like to use the fire tiger colored one when I’m fishing striped bass, I noticed it stands out the most out of all the other colors.

Overall this is a hard durable lure that imitates an eel and does a great job in attracting striped bass. If you would like to check out the Kachawoo artificial eel lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

Okuma Sand Eel Lure

The third best eel lure is going to be the Okuma sand eel lure. It is a sand eel imitation lure that looks great and has a nice eel swimming movement to it. Since striped bass love to eat sand eels this sand eel lure does an amazing job of attracting them.

With this eel lure, striped bass will just think it’s a real-life sand eel and will not hesitate to go for the bite. It has a hard head with a soft body that can be changed and you get one head with two bodies which are nice.

This is a top-notch eel lure for vertical fishing applications designed for vertical fishers in mind. The hook it has is a carbon hook that is Japanese crafted and it works great even in saltwater shore fishing applications.

It looks just like a real sand eel from the colors to the way it swims and has a nice swimming action. The length of the lure is seven and a half inches and weighs three and a half ounces.

An amazing imitation lure that does a magnificent job in attracting striped bass with a natural presentation. If you would like to check out the Okuma sand eel lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

Facikono Bass Sand Eel Lures

The next best eel lures for striped bass on the list are the Facikono bass sand eel lures. This is a five-piece eel lure deal with a variety of different colored bodies including a glow-in-the-dark body.

The glow-in-the-dark bodied lure imitates a sand eel that striped bass eats commonly. I like to use this eel lure at night when I’m out fishing for sea bass because the glow-in-the-dark feature attracts them really well.

The long paddle tail design wags and causes vibrations underwater that attract striped bass making them strike. Also, you can remove the jig head part to replace the soft body which is great for when it gets worn out.

The jig heads are designed with 3D eyes that make the eel lure look more realistic for a more natural presentation. As for the soft bodies, they are made out of flexible and durable plastic that can handle many bites and will last long.

The lure also has a jig hook that helps for a better long-distance cast. It also comes with five power clips that you can attach to the lure for a smoother action.

For five eel lures, this is a great deal and they all attract striped bass nicely. If you would like to check out the Facikono bass sand eel lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

FishLab Mad Eel Swimbait Lure

The last best eel lure is going to be the Fishlab mad eel swimbait lure. I really like the body replacement design on this lure for when the soft part gets used too much. You get one hard head and two soft bodies that you can replace when they are worn out.

The soft body design gives the lure a nice side-to-side rolling action that makes it swim smoothly and attracts smallmouth bass in the process.

Also, the stomach design will cause the water to move much more making it attract any striped bass near it even better.

This eel lure comes with a uniquely designed jig hook that will keep striped bass or any other fish that gets hooked pinned to it, making sure it doesn’t get away. It is seven inches long in length and weighs 2.25 ounces.

The body has a glittery look to it that helps make it stand out much more and looks nice. All in all, it’s a great eel lure with a smooth rolling action that attracts striped bass pretty often.

If you would like to check out the Fishlab mad eel swimbait lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, having the best eel lures for striped bass is going to make fishing striped bass a lot easier compared to using just a random lure.

Now that you have found the best eel lures for striped bass grab yourself one or maybe three and go catch some striped bass and see how incredible they are at attracting them.