Best Grouper Trolling Lures Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

After trolling for grouper for over seven years I have found the best grouper trolling lures to catch them with. The AmarineMade large squid trolling lure is the best grouper trolling lure that I have ever used out of all of them.

It’s a grouper catching machine that has increased my grouper catching rate by twice as more and I’m able to catch more than fifteen grouper in just a day! This trolling lure is a squid imitation lure designed with a hard body that’s made to reflect light in a 360-degree radius which will make it flash all over the place to attract groupers even from a distance.

Its glittery skirt is vibrant colored and gives it a realistic swimming movement that will fool any grouper that sees it into believing that it’s a real squid to make them strike without hesitation.

When a grouper bites it’s going to hook itself onto the two treble hooks it comes pre-rigged with and land an excellent hookset. Also, what’s so great about this high-quality constructed lure is that it comes in a six-pack deal for a total of six squid imitation lures that all attract groupers constantly.

Here below you can find the top 5 best grouper trolling lures.

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AmarineMade Large Squid Trolling Lure [6 Lures]

The best grouper trolling lure is the AmarineMade large squid trolling lure. A squid imitation trolling lure uniquely designed to imitate the way a real-life squid looks and swims to trick grouper into thinking it’s a real squid triggering them to go for the strike.

This lure has increased my grouper catch rate by two times as much and now I can catch over fifteen groupers in a day which is amazing! Since groupers often eat squid this squid imitation lure will have them striking constantly over and over.

The hard vibrant colored body of the squid is durable and will reflect light in a three hundred and sixty-degree radius to attract grouper from a far distance with a bright flash. There is a built-in lead block inside of the head for a more balanced weight that helps give it a stable swimming action while it’s being trolled from a boat at a fast speed.

On top of that, it has a glittery colorful skirt that shimmers and gives it a lifelike swimming action that triggers grouper to bite quite often. It’s designed with 3D holographic eyes which makes it look more realistic for a natural presentation that the grouper is used to having.

Also, it features a tongue board on the head section to increase its impact when it hits the water and creates vibrations that will attract groupers.

Two sharp treble hooks come pre-rigged with this squid lure to land solid hooksets on grouper so that they can’t escape once they’re hooked. This squid has a length of 6.7 inches and comes in a six-pack lure deal of high-quality multi-colored squid imitation lures.

All in all a grouper-catching machine that will attract them with its 360-degree light-reflecting body and glittery skirt which will flash and give it a realistic squid swimming movement to fool grouper into biting.

If you would like to check out the AmarineMade large squid trolling lure that I use for catching grouper you can find them here below at a great price!

Vertical Slow Pitch Butterfly Lure [5 Lures]

The second lure on the list is going to be the Vertical slow pitch butterfly lure. This is a laser-painted lure that’s designed to glow in the dark with a luminous effect that will attract grouper with its bright striped glow. It has been tested on grouper specifically and has shown positive results.

If your fishing for grouper during the morning or when the sun is about to set this lure will trigger grouper bites often with its glow-in-the-dark effect. But when the sun is out and shining Its multi-layer painted coat will reflect light to attract grouper from afar with a UV reactive shine.

Also, the multi-layer paint-coated body prevents the paint from getting damaged so it will keep its great look over the years. The fisheye and striped patterns help give a natural presentation and the reflective colors it has will have grouper striking.

Its asymmetrical metal constructed body gives the lure a fast diving action that’s great for trolling grouper. While this lure is trolled it has a swinging action that will get groupers to bite and a fast rotating action when it’s being retrieved.

This lure comes pre-rigged with two size fifteen feathered hooks that are braid assisted and will increase your hook-up rate with an excellent hookset on the grouper.

The assisted braid is tied to a stainless steel split ring which is attached to a stainless steel solid ring to make it easy to battle large-sized grouper. The length of this lure is 8.5 centimeters and the weight is sixty grams.

Overall an amazing grouper-attracting lure that glows in the dark and has a UV reactive body that reflects light to get the grouper to strike. This lure comes in a five-pack deal of glow-in-the-dark trolling lures.

If you would like to check out the Vertical slow pitch butterfly lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Goture Vertical Jig Lure [3 Lures]

The next lure is the Goture vertical jig lure. This is a monster lure that is designed with a seven-layer coating process to make it UV reactive which creates light refractions that attract grouper. When the light hits the body of this lure it will reflect light refractions everywhere and trigger grouper with its shine.

The back of its body features a glow-in-the-dark design that has a strong luminous glow to get grouper to bite it. This fluorescent effect will entice the grouper to strike even during the day when the lure is deeper in the water where the light is low.

It’s crafted from lead material with a streamlined body that’s excellent for trolling with a slow jigging action that will have grouper striking once it’s spotted. Built inside of the lure is a thick stainless steel wire to make it incredibly durable for any grouper strike.

With its heavy weighted body, the lure will quickly dive into the water to reach the grouper much faster. A size twenty carbon steel barbed hook tied to a tough braid PE line comes pre-rigged with this lure and will land powerful hooksets on fat grouper with ease.

The braid PE line is attached to a reinforced split ring that is supported by a solid ring and is ready for monster grouper bites. The length of this lure is 6.9 inches and it weighs one hundred grams.

An incredible trolling lure that triggers grouper to bite with its body that reflects light refractions and its back that glows in the dark with a luminous bright effect. It comes in a three-pack lure deal of UV-reactive light-reflecting trolling lures.

If you would like to check out the Goture vertical jig lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Micro Butterfly Trolling Lure [6 Lures]

The fourth lure on the list is the Micro butterfly trolling lure. This trolling lure is painted with a laser reflective paint coating that makes its body reflect sunlight very brightly with a multi-colored flash to attract grouper. Its light-reflective body shines the most during the day so that’s when you will notice groupers striking more often.

Also, it has a streamlined fish body to copy the way a real-life fish looks along with 3D eyes and a metallic vibrant colored 3D patterned body that will trigger grouper to bite with a natural fish presentation.

The fish body design gives it a fish-like swimming movement that makes it look like a real fish while it’s being trolled causing grouper to bite as soon as it’s seen. It is crafted from a strong metal lead alloy material tough enough to take on harsh grouper strikes for a long-lasting high quality trolling lure.

A size four steel BKB treble hook and a size thirteen braid-assisted single hook comes pre-rigged on this trolling lure to give you an amazing hook combination on grouper for a powerful hookset.

Two strong split rings are attached to the braid-assisted single hook and a sixty-six-pound load split ring is attached to the treble hook so it’s built to handle heavy bite pressure from grouper when needed.

The single hook also has a feather attached to it to further attract grouper with its fluttering action. The length of this trolling lure is 3.15 inches and it weighs fifty grams.

It’s a top-notch trolling lure that triggers grouper to bite with its laser paint-coated body which will reflect light to attract them and its fish body design that makes it swim like a fish. A total of six lures come in this deal of laser-printed light-reflective lures.

If you would like to check out the Micro butterfly trolling lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Sanddab Rig Fishing Lure [2 Lures]

The last lure is going to be the Sanddab rig fishing lure. A realistic sanddab imitation lure that imitates the way a real-life sanddab looks and swims to make grouper bite since they commonly eat them.

The tail of this lure is designed with a lifelike swimming movement that makes this lure look alive when it’s in the water. It has a fluttering tail action that will increase grouper strikes and attract them even more.

It’s a durable soft lure constructed out of plastic material so when a grouper bites it will be able to bite it strongly to make sure that the grouper keeps its hold. Since it’s soft and smooth it gives groupers a natural feeding presentation that will make them not let go once they bite.

The natural colors used on this lure make it look realistic and less like a fake sanddab to trick the grouper with its look into going for the strike. As soon as a grouper spots this sanddab imitation lure swimming it’s going to want to eat it and will bite it immediately.

Rigging on this lure is pretty easy first your going to put the jighead in the mouth of the lure then you’re going to pull the hook to the top and finally a treble hook near the tail. The length of this sanddab lure is six inches and it weighs 1.38 ounces.

An impressive sanddab imitation lure designed to look like a real sanddab made to attract grouper by tricking them into striking. This lure comes in a two-pack of sanddab imitation lures.

If you would like to check out the Sanddab rig fishing lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, when you’re trying to troll for grouper having one of the best grouper trolling lures will increase the number of grouper bites you get and grouper you catch.

Now that you have found the best grouper trolling lures to fish with see how incredible they are for catching grouper.