Best Kahawai Lure Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

With many years of fishing kahawai, I have found the best kahawai lure that attracts them incredibly well. When it comes to kahawai they love to eat mullet so I found the best mullet imitation lure and it turns out that the Savage Gear pulse tail mullet lure is the best lure to catch kahawai with.

This lure has increased my kahawai catch rate by twice as much and now I’m able to catch over twenty kahawai in just one day. It was constructed to imitate a real-life mullet by looking just like it and also swimming like one too.

It’s a realistic mullet fishing lure with a unique pulse tail design that makes this lure look alive when underwater and fools kahawai into thinking it’s a real mullet causing them to strike immediately.

The first time I used this lure I was shocked it’s a kahawai catching machine that attracts kahawai like no other lure I have ever seen before and I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to catch kahawai constantly.

Here below you can find the top five best kahawai lures to fish with.

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Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet Lure

The best kahawai lure is the Savage Gear pulse tail mullet lure. Since kahawai eat mullet, this lure tricks them into thinking it’s an actual real-life mullet causing them to strike constantly.

It is 3D scanned to imitate a real mullet from the way it looks to its swimming movement. When I use this lure I’m able to catch over twenty kahawai in one day, it has successfully increased my catch rate by twice as much and it’s amazing!

What makes this lure so unique is the pulse tail design. This gives the lure a more lifelike swimming movement that attracts kahawai extremely well with a great action. Visually the lure is high-quality painted and looks excellent.

Also, it features a built-in rattle that makes noise and helps attract its prey from a distance along with a line thru design. The lure has a single bkk jig hook mounted on top of it that points upward to help avoid your lure from getting stuck at the bottom.

The length of this lure is four inches and weighs 2/3 ounces. It comes in three different colors but I went with the golden mullet because it stands out from the rest so that the kahawai can spot it much easier.

This is the best imitation lure that I have ever used to catch kahawai and does an incredible job of attracting them with a natural presentation since mullet are part of their diet.

If you would like to check out the Savage Gear pulse tail mullet lure that I use for catching kahawai you can find it here below at a great price!

Sougayilang Minnow Lure

The second lure on the list is the Sougayilang minnow crankbait lure. This is a hard crankbait lure that looks like a minnow.

The lure is painted with glossy patterns and 3D eyes to give it a realistic look and a natural presentation that kahawai will immediately strike once they see it. Along with that it is constructed out of durable abs material and has lasted years.

It is designed with metal balls inside of it that will make tons of noise when you drag it attracting kahawai in the process. These balls will also increase your casting distance for a much longer throw.

This lure comes with two treble hooks that always land me great hook sets and the kahawai never get away when they bite. Also, it features a press water board design that gives the lure a much smoother diving action.

The lure has a length of 3.35 inches and weighs 14.15 grams. A counterweight ball is built into the lure so that it can get to the bottom much quicker which is nice.

All in all, this is an incredible kahawai fishing lure that will attract them excellently and you’re getting ten multi-colored lures for a bargain.

If you would like to check out the Sougayilang minnow lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Runcl Probite Lipless Lure

The third lure is going to be the Runcl probite lipless lure. A high-quality compact shad lure crafted with 3D gill plates, 3D eyes, and a top-notch paint job that looks great.

This is an amazing fishing lure that can be cast very far and attracts kahawai pretty well. The lipless design is great for finding the kahawai quickly because it helps you cover the water your fishing on incredibly fast with a speedy retrieval action.

Since it’s constructed with a large stomach it will wobble in a side-to-side action that will trigger aggressive bites and makes it able to be retrieved fast.

When a kahawai spots this lure wobbling it will instantly strike it making it a great kahawai attracting lure.

Also, it features a rattling design with a variety of rattles inside of different sound chambers to give you a combination of many fish-attracting noises that do an amazing job of attracting kahawai.

This lure comes with two size six treble hooks with conical points that will make sure any fish that bites will be securely hooked.

The length of this lure is two inches and weighs 1/2 ounces. A high quality in mind crafted lure with an excellent wobble action that kahawai can’t resist striking once they see it wobbling.

If you would like to check out the Runcl probite lipless lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

Truscend Fishing Lure

The next lure on the list is the Truscend fishing lure. This is a japan designed lure that uses a blade spinner on the tail section which attracts kahawai extremely well and gives the lure a great action.

The blade spinner on the tail will spin three hundred and sixty degrees rotating and flashing, attracting any kahawai that are near at all speeds. Also, a ball-bearing swivel is attached to this spinner so that it rotates much better.

It is crafted with 3D eyes and a soft body that looks realistic making it swim in a lifelike manner and tricking kahawai into striking it.

This lure has a bkk steel hook on the back and a treble hook on the bottom that secures any kahawai that bites. It is a great jigging lure with a smooth swimming action that looks like real fish when underwater.

The length of this lure is 3.5 inches and weighs 14.5 grams. For a three-pack lure deal, these lures will attract kahawai with their unique blade spinner tails and lifelike visuals at an incredible price.

If you would like to check out the Truscend fishing lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Yongzhi Fishing Lure

The last lure is the Yongzhi fishing lure. This lure does a great job in attracting kahawai with its unique features. It’s a crankbait hard lure with a dive board on the front section that gives the lure the ability to dive deeper and smoother while doing so.

Also, it has metal balls inside of it that will let you cast longer distances and are designed to make noise for attracting fish like kahawai to strike it a lot more often.

The lure looks great overall it has 3D eyes and is painted very well so that it can fool predators like kahawai to aggressively bite it. Not only does this lure have the visuals of a real fish but it also has a realistic swimming movement that gives you a natural presentation.

This lure is crafted from abs material that is quite durable and will last a long time. It comes with two size six treble hooks that are sharp and land nice hooksets all of the time.

With its fat design, the lure will wobble in a wide wiggle action that will attract kahawai quite nicely.

The length of this lure with the lip is four inches and weighs fourteen grams. You’re going to get eight different colored lures that can attract kahawai amazingly at a price that can’t be beat.

If you would like to check out the Yongzhi fishing lures you can find them here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, having the best kahawai lure when your trying to catch them is going to be the determining factor in how many kahawai you will be able to catch.

Now that you have found the best kahawai lure to fish with get yourself one or even three and see how amazing they are!