Best Lure For Dorado Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

After fishing dorado for many years I have found that the best lure for dorado is the Ocean Cat jet copper head squid skirt lure. This is an incredible dorado catching machine that attracts them like no other lure out there.

It has successfully increased my catch rate by twice as much and now I can catch over fifteen dorado on any given day. The reason this lure is so great is that it was made for catching dorado in mind.

Dorado are known for eating squid commonly and this lure helps give a natural presentation that dorado are used to having and will strike without hesitation once they spot this squid lure.

What makes this lure so amazing is that it looks like a real squid and is built with a unique feature that helps attract dorado constantly. The jet head of this lure is made out of copper and has a top-notch glittery skirt that is made to attract dorado with a bright shine and once it sees this lure it will strike it immediately!

Here below you can find the top 5 best lures for dorado.

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Ocean Cat Jet Copper Head Squid Skirt Lure [6 Lures]

The best lure for dorado is the Ocean Cat jet copper head squid skirt lure. Since dorado often eats squid this lure attracts them extremely well thanks to its features. The lure is designed with a copper jet head that has holes so that you can rig your line through it.

The head is attached to a skirt designed with glittery bright colors that shine and attract dorado causing them to strike immediately when spotted. When a dorado spots this lure it always goes for the bite and strikes the skirt section where the hook is hidden.

This lure has increased my dorado catch rate by two times as much and I’m able to catch over fifteen dorados in a day.

The skirt is crafted out of PVC material made to handle heavy pressure bites without a problem. Also, it has 3D eyes so that it can trick the dorado into thinking it’s a real-life squid, attracting it even more.

This lure comes pre-rigged with a two-inch carbon steel barbed octopus circle hook that always lands me solid hooksets and is corrosion resistant. The length of this lure is seven inches and it comes with a waterproof custom bag that has a saltwater drain-off back feature.

An amazing dorado catching machine lure that comes in a six-piece lure deal made to attract them excellently. If you would like to check out the Ocean Cat jet copper head squid skirt lures that I use for catching dorado you can find them here below at a great price!

Krazywolf Squid Lure [4 Lures]

The second lure is going to be the Krazywolf squid lure. As soon as a dorado sees this squid lure it’s going to strike instantly. It’s designed with a holographic head that will reflect light even when it’s deep in the water.

The flash from the reflection will help attract dorado from a far distance which is great. The light that the head reflects helps me attract dorado quite nicely on a very sunny day when the sun is shining making it an amazing dorado attracting lure.

The 3D eyes on the lure give it a natural presentation to imitate a squid that dorado loves to eat. The body of the lure is a feather skirt that has bright colors and does a great job of attracting dorado by leaving a bubbly trail while it’s moving.

This lure comes pre-rigged with a one hundred pound test monofilament leader line that’s ready to fish dorado with once you get it. Also, it comes with a size six single hook that helps land nice hooksets.

The length of this lure is six inches and weighs 1.5 ounces. You’re getting four multi-colored lures that attract dorado often with their holographic designed heads at a bargain.

If you would like to check out the Krazywolf squid lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Jioudao Squid Lure

The next best lure for dorado is the Jioudao squid lure. What makes this lure so unique is the UV layer cover on the surface of the lure.

This design uses new technology that makes the lure change colors when underwater and attracts dorado amazingly triggering them to bite in the process.

The UV design on this lure is great for both night and day fishing, it stands out very well and attracts dorado with its glow. The appearance of this lure imitates a real-life squid which helps attract dorado with a natural presentation that they are used to having.

Its fins and skirt give the lure a lifelike swimming movement and the 3D eyes make it look even more realistic when underwater. This lure is constructed from durable vinyl and is capable of handling extreme bite pressure.

On top of that, it comes with a leader head design so that your able to use a variety of rigs. The head section has a five-ounce leader weight and as a bonus, you get two extra body replacements which are nice. Also, the lure comes with a single hook that is sharp.

A great squid lure with a unique UV layered body that will attract dorado with its glow and appearance. If you would like to check out the Jioudao squid lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

Ocean Cat Daisy Chain Bird Feather Lure

The fourth lure is going to be the Ocean Cat daisy chain bird feather lure. This is a chain of feather lures connected with a teaser bird made for catching dorado in mind.

The teaser bird will attract the dorado by splashing and spraying water all over the place, disrupting its surroundings and triggering dorado into striking quickly. Using this chain of lures has helped me catch many dorados and the teaser bird triggers them extremely well.

It comes with four feather lures that have 3D eyes to copy the way a real-life squid would look.

The heads of the lures are made out of lead and the feathers use vibrant colors to attract dorado into striking them instead of the teaser bird. Once it strikes it will get hooked onto the hidden size seven stainless steel octopus circle hook that it comes pre-rigged with.

The length of the lures is 4.7 inches and each one comes with a blocking bead. Also, it comes with a custom bag that is waterproof and ready for saltwater fishing applications.

This chain of lures combines together as one to attract dorado with the help of the teaser bird that sprays and splashes water which triggers them to bite aggressively.

If you would like to check out the Ocean Cat daisy chain bird feather lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price.

Dr.Fish GT Popper Lure

The last lure on the list is the popper lure. This is a popper lure made to catch monster-sized fish like dorado. It features a unique stainless steel wire-through design that makes the lure a lot tougher and ready for the large-sized dorado battles.

The lure is laser holographic painted which helps reflect sunlight with its ribbed body so that it can attract dorado much better.

During the day this popper lure flashes quite brightly attracting dorado with the sunlight it reflects making them bite and also triggering them with the popping and splashing sounds it causes.

It has 3D eyes to give it a more lifelike fish look to help fool them along with a great swimming action. The lure also has a rattling design that will rattle while moving to trigger dorado bites and increases casting distance as well.

This popper lure comes with two size six VMC treble hooks that are connected to a wire split ring to make it really hard for any dorado to escape. The length of this lure is eight inches and weighs 4.58 ounces.

It is crafted out of high-quality ABS material and will withstand strong bites with ease.

This is a monster-sized popper lure that will attract dorado with its light-reflecting body and loud popping sounds causing them to strike pretty often. If you would like to check out the popper lure that I highly recommend you can find it here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

Fishing with the best lure for dorado is going to make a big difference compared to just using a random lure. If you’re trying to catch them constantly you’re going to need a lure that is made specifically for catching dorados.

Now that you have found the best lure for dorado get yourself one or two and see how amazing they are for catching dorado!