Best Ned Rig Rod Top 5 Review [Buyers guide]

Check Out the top 5 Best Ned Rig Rod list here on this review. We review the top 5 so you can find yours in no time. Discover which Best Ned Rig Rod is on the top 5 list and find yours in this review

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KastKing Perigee II

Number 1 in the list of the Best Ned Rig Rod top 5 review is the KastKing Perigee II. This is the go to best rod for ned rig applications. This rod has a reel seat type of knob that is easily accessible when tightening or loosening the knob. The blank crafted in this rod is a twenty four ton toray carbon fiber blank.

This specific construction really helps the rod when fishing with ned rigs. The blank rating is just perfect its nicely balanced not to brittle or fragile and still sensetive enough to feel head shakes yet still extremely durable.

The line guides are built as fuji line guides that amazing guides for smooth and precise casts. You can get this rod in a variety of lengths that will suit you best and what’s great is that its comes both a one piece one two piece.

The six foot medium light to medium is just the perfect action for ned rigging but if you want a longer length that suits your style best its also available. The tip itself is actually a pretty soft and fast tip and the rod can easily cast thirty yards with just a flick of a wrist so it can really go the distance.

If you also like to throw weightless baits this is for sure a dedicated weightless stick bait for fluke. Along with it being an awesome ned rig rod because of its soft tip but with a really strong backbone. This rod has enough tip to really load up those ned rigs to ensure that you get an excellent distance but also enough backbone to get the proper hook sets.

One of the most important things when casting with ned rigs is the balance. Also this thing balances extremely phenomenally well. You can fish with this rod all day and never feel any fatigue. This is thanks to its light weight and high quality eva foam grip handle.

The rod looks just great it has that black composite graphite sleek look with a plain slate feel to it. When you start to bend this rod it really has an amazing parabolic slow action to it that feels like a nice medium fast power. You can do just about anything finesse wise with the kastking perigee no matter the application.

An excellent ned rig pitching rod that can also throw jerk bait very well. All in all this is the best ned rig rod out there that comes in both casting and spinning models. And for the value its a must have and you just cant go wrong with this one. Here below is the Best Ned Rig Rod

Pflueger President

Number 2 in the list of the Best Ned Rig Rod top 5 review is the Pflueger President Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo. This is a nice heavy duty setup that is six foot and six inches long and comes in light to medium action.

You can really land some monster sized on this and the reel itself is really smooth. Its a pflueger president reel and is a great budget reel that works flawlessly. The pflueger president rod is constructed from I M8 graphite. This is a high modulus graphite blank that offers the user incredible lightweight and also sensitivity.

The rod is very responsive and has the power to really punch through the grass in the water. It has a nice sturdy backbone and its an all round rod. A perfect for both the pro fisher and the beginner.

Its a light and compact rod that you can fish with in both saltwater and freshwater as well with a top notch action to it. An amazing choice for fishing in rivers or even lakes the variety of applications is quite versatile for this combo. You wont find a combo that can use ned rigs with a reel that is phenomenal and better than this at the its price point.

The pflueger president reel has ten ball bearing system their made with stainless steel materials and also offer resistance to corrosion. On top of that the handle on the reel is made of aluminum. Which is aircraft grade aluminum a nice design that gives it a flawless durability.

What’s great about this combo set up is the braid ready spool design. A nice design that lets you tie the braid directly to the spool its a neat feature. This reel has one of the fastest retrieves you will ever see on a reel and is great when fishing with ned rigs.

This ned rigging combo is a two piece which makes a great traveling rod so that you can take it on your fishing trips out of town. The reel alone for this ned rigging combo is worth more than half the combo. This is a great deal over all a real bang for your buck.

If your looking for an excellent ned rig rod that comes with an amazing high quality reel so that can use it on your other rods for many types of applications id highly recommend it. Your getting two top notch products with this deal due to the reel being so great and the rod too. Here below is the Best Ned Rig Rod

Fenwick Eagle

Number 3 in the list of the Best Ned Rig Rod top 5 review is the Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod. This is one of the best multi species ned rigging rods that you can get in ultra light to medium heavy models. The reel seat on the fenwick eagle is designed so that you can screw it down from the top.

It has a unique burl cork handle that is really well designed and you don’t see many rods with the burl feature. The ergonomics on the handle gets wider the closer it gets to the reel seat. And is just much more comfortable than your average cork handle rod.

The medium light seven foot fenwick rod really works wonders when throwing casts with ned rigs. When you get your hands on the fenwick eagle its going to become your primary cast and retrieve rod its really that great.

Even though its fast action the rod really still gets a nice flexible bend at the lower end. This really gives you control of the fish when as soon as it is hooked. In terms of overall performance this is the best ned rig rod at this price point. This is one of the better looking and better feeling ned rig rods that really outperforms its value.

The guide system is built with stainless steel materials and has oxide inserts. Which are great for practically any line you want to use and also will resist corrosion. The rod has a nice and fine reactive tip and overall looks visually appealing. Also the rod is great for cray fishing and shooting line. As well the casting distance can go a country mile you will be surprised when you cast.

You wont have to worry about backbone issues for this rod because it can really wrangle up the fish and catch them without a problem. The cork grip also has an added TAC feature for an added durability which really helps against wear and tear.

For ned rigging you really want a rod has that nice flexible tip with a powerful backbone and this just works wonders when doing so. This fenwick eagle series comes in many models that will be sure to fit your fishing techniques perfectly fine.

In conclusion this rod will do everything you want it to basically do. And is one of the rods that should be on your list of adding to your collection of rods. Here below is the Best Ned Rig Rod

KastKing Speed Demon

Number 4 in the list of the Best Ned Rig Rod top 5 review is the KastKing Speed Demon. The blank that this rod is crafted with as elite carbon high modulus rod blank. It is thirty six million modulus, seven hundred and has a fifty thousand strain rate.

This features lead to a very sensitive rod that is very light weight. Nano resins are also used on this which are only used in rods that are twice the value of this. It helps cut down the weight to it and add to the sensitivity of the kastking speed demon without having to lose its solid durability.

The sensitivity on this speed demon is insane you will feel every little rock, stick and even small piece of grass which really helps when your using ned rigs. Its excellent soft tip really allows you in loading up your pitches and flinging them out with precision.

The tip does all the work and really allows you to cast. Although it has a soft tip the speed demon transition into a really strong good backbone very fast. Thanks to this it gets a quick backbone transition and helps in getting that hook into the mouth securely with no issues at all.

The hook penetration is out of the world and really helps when your using ned rigs. The guides used on this speed demon kasting are fuji guides and are small and compact. Along with that the reel seat is a fuji seat that is extremely comfortable and is angled so that it fits comfortably.

On top of that this rod features top notch wind grips that has the nice golf club style grip. Also it offers a secure grip even when you get that fish slime on it. Also the fighting butt is crafted with an eva foam with the wind grip over it.

Even with the reel on the rod the balance is just amazing and the hook keeper is placed at the lower end of the handle. This helps a lot so that if you get backlash it doesn’t tangle on it which is a nice feature.

Or when you put the rod sock on so that it doesn’t get stuck on it and the sock just slips on very smoothly. In conclusion if your looking for a rod that is made with specific technique models in mind you wont find anything better than this at the price point. Here below is the Best Ned Rig Rod

Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange

Number 5 in the list of the Best Ned Rig Rod top 5 review is the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange. This is an award winning rod series and its reputation says it all. This is one of the most strongest and sensitive rod out there. When dragging you can feel practically anything from a small piece of grass to a drop-off.

The carrot stix wild wild orange really maps down the waters your fishing on. The eva foam grip handle is super soft and really light weight for that maximum comfort for when your ned rigging against those heavy monster fish. Also the carrot stik features the uniquely designed micro wave guides system.

What this specific design does for you is give you a way more precision cast and very long distance throws. This is a seven foot medium light rod with a fast action and has nice zirconium insert guides. You can pretty much set it up with just about anything from ned rigs, square bills to jigs, all types of chatter baits.

This is one of the most ridiculously sensitive rods out there. You will be shocked at how well you will feel every single thing in the water. The reason this rod is called the carrot stix isn’t because of its color. The rod is built with carrot nano bio fiber that surrounds the blank.

The unique carrot bio nano fiber design decreases the weight of the rod. While increasing your time fishing so you don’t get arm fatigue and catch more fish doing so. The rod is also a great entry level fishing rod so you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to use it.

A versatile finesse fishing rod that’s great for drop shotting or even using crank baits. Every single fisher should check out the carrot stix rod because its an amazing rod to have in your arsenal.

Overall its a nicely made performance rod that has a high reputation. And when you see someone using this carrot stix rod you will know immediately what rod it is because of its iconic orange color. Here below is the Best Ned Rig Rod