Best Pike Spoons Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

After fishing pike with many spoons over the past years I have found the best pike spoons to fish them with. The THKFish spoon fishing lure is the best pike spoon that I have ever used and it’s a pike-catching machine!

Fishing with this spoon has increased the amount of pike I catch and with it, I’m able to catch over twenty pike in just a day. This is a premium machined constructed metal spoon that’s highly light reflective and designed with a unique rainbow-colored pattern that will attract pike and get them to strike.

The back of it has a fish scale look to it that will make it flash brighter to get the pike’s attention from a distance.

The treble hook it comes pre-rigged with lands excellent hooksets so that pike don’t escape. A sparkling lash and white feathers are attached to the hook to entice pike and trigger bites. What’s even better is that you get five pike-attracting spoons in this deal.

Here below you can find the top 5 best pike spoons.

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THKFish Spoon Fishing Lures [5 Spoons]

The best pike spoon is the THKFish spoon fishing lure. It’s a light-reflective spoon uniquely designed with a rainbow-colored pattern that attracts pike incredibly fast. This spoon lure has increased my pike catching rate by twice as more and now I can catch over twenty pike in a day any time I use this spoon.

Underwater the colorful pattern entices pike to strike constantly and also reflects bright light with a combination that will have pike biting over and over. Its back features a scaly fish body look, made to help reflect sunlight with a flashy shine that triggers pike that are at a distance to bite.

A highly reflective coating is used on this spoon which gives it a metallic shine to increase the amount of light it reflects for more pike bites.

Premium machining is used in the construction of this metal spoon and its body is crafted with a streamlined arch to give you a more accurate and long-distance cast. During windy days it casts nicely because of its body being constructed with an evenly distributed weight for a great balanced body overall.

It comes pre-rigged with a treble hook that will land solid hooksets on the pike and white feathers are attached to the hook along with a lash that sparkles which pike are attracted to. The feathers are a nice touch they flutter in the water and get pike to bite them quite often.

The weight of this spoon is fourteen grams, you can get it in many sizes but fourteen grams is just the right size for catching pike.

All in all an incredible pike-catching machine spoon lure that attracts pike with its unique rainbow-colored pattern design and sunlight-reflecting metal body that triggers pike to strike constantly. This spoon comes in a five-spoon deal of different colored white-feathered metal spoons.

If you would like to check out the THKFish spoon fishing lures that I use to catch pike with you can find them here below at a great price!

Sougayilang Fishing Spoon Lure [5 Spoons]

The second spoon on the list is the Sougayilang fishing spoon lure. This is a prism textured designed spoon that creates vibrations to attract pike. The prisms not only cause vibrations but also make the spoon flash more by reflecting light amongst each prism.

The shape of this spoon is made with an S-shaped body to give it a realistic swimming action and a fast diving action too. With the S shape body that this spoon has its able to wobble with an erratic wobbling action which triggers pike to bite quickly.

The gold-painted body looks excellent and makes it shine even more with its reflective metallic gold paint job.

It’s constructed out of solid brass making it durable to take on pike strikes and rust-resistant as well it has lasted me a good amount of years now and it still looks great.

A treble hook comes pre-rigged with this spoon and when a pike goes for the bite it’s going to be securely hooked so that it can’t escape. White feathers are also attached to this treble hook to increase the chance for pike to bite. The length of this spoon is three inches and weighs 0.52 ounces.

Overall an amazing gold-painted spoon that triggers pike into striking with its prism textured body where each prism will reflect light towards each other to make the spoon brightly shimmer. It comes in a five-spoon pack of S-shaped gold-painted spoons.

If you would like to check out the Sougayilang fishing spoon lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Dr.Fish Fishing Weedless Spoon Lure [3 Spoons]

The third spoon is the Dr.Fish fishing weedless spoon lure. This weedless spoon has a rattling ball chamber to attract pike with balls that rattle loudly to make pike strike. The balls will also act as a weight transfer system to make it a more far-distance castable spoon.

Its wobble action makes it have a wobbling swimming movement that makes it look like a real fish and also increases the rattling action of the balls for a louder rattling noise.

The laser-painted 3D scales and 3D lifelike fish eyes will help in fooling pike with a baitfish presentation that will have them biting pretty quick. The body has a nice paint job and it’s laser coated so that it can reflect light while it wobbles to increase strikes.

It features a stainless steel weed guard so it can be used in mossy ponds and places with heavy cover. The BKK hook it comes pre-rigged with will hook onto the pike very deeply so that they can’t get away while in battle.

The spoon is constructed from ABS material which is durable and not easily damaged. This weedless spoon has a length of 3.6 inches and a weight of 2/3 ounces.

An excellent fishlike weedless spoon that rattles to attract pike with a loud rattling sound and fools them with its realistic baitfish look. This spoon lure comes in a pack of three weedless rattling spoons.

If you would like to check out the Dr.Fish fishing weedless spoon lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Luckymeow Fishing Spoon Lure [5 Spoons]

The fourth spoon on the list is the Luckymeow fishing spoon lure. This spoon is designed with a colorful pattern surface that has a shimmering coat that makes it dazzle and flash when reflecting sunlight.

The shining dazzling effect will have it flashing to attract pike which will have them all over this spoon constantly biting it. If your fishing for pike during the summer then this spoon is a great pick because it will dazzle and reflect light the most when it’s summertime and the sun is at its brightest.

With the streamlined-shaped body, it has your able to twitch it to mimic the movement of an escaping fish that will get pike to bite. Also when you’re retrieving this spoon you can make it look like a small fish that’s just swimming around which gives it a natural presentation.

This spoon is crafted out of metal using an electroplating process, it’s durable and corrosion resistant so it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater fishing applications.

A size four barbed treble hook is pre-rigged with this spoon for landing a strong hookset with its sharp barbs. The length of this spoon is 2.75 inches and it weighs twenty-one grams.

An impressive metal spoon that will flash with its dazzling colorful patterned surface that pike won’t be able to resist not to strike. It comes in a pack of five flashy metal spoons.

If you would like to check out the Luckymeow fishing spoon lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Dovesun Fishing Spoon Lure [3 Spoons]

The last spoon is going to be the Dovesun fishing spoon lure. A copper spoon designed with a vibrant colored shell surface that reflects its colors when sunlight hits to get pike to bite. What makes this spoon unique is its color-changing shell surface.

While the spoon is in water and the temperature drops the pattern of the shell surface will change to make it stand out even more. Based on the temperature of the water the shell pattern will change to increase its light reflection.

The oblong shape of this spoon has a concaved backside that will fill with water to give it a wobbling movement and a more light-reflecting flash which will imitate a baitfish that is fleeing. When a pike sees this fleeing baitfish movement it will chase the spoon and bite it without hesitation.

Its copper construction process makes it so that it can reflect light to attract pike from far distances and also gives it a durable body that’s sturdy for a long-lasting spoon.

The treble hook that this spoon lure comes pre-rigged with makes it easy to battle pike to secure it with a sharp hookset and make it your catch. This spoon has a length of 2.07 inches and weighs 3/8 ounces.

This is a top-notch copper spoon that gets pike to bite with its bright-colored shell surface design which changes its color pattern depending on the water temperature to help attract pike. A total of three shell-surfaced copper spoons come in this spoon deal.

If you would like to check out the Dovesun fishing spoon lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, fishing with one of the best pike spoons will make a big difference if you’re trying to catch pike consistently throughout the day.

Now that you have found the best pike spoons to catch pike with grab yourself a couple of them and see how amazing they are for catching pike.