Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance Top 5 Review

Check Out the top 5 Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance list here on this review. I review the top 5 so you can find yours in no time. Discover which Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance is on the top 5 list and find yours in this review

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Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod

Number 1 in the list for the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance top 5 review is the Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod. The bend on the rod begins right in the middle of the rod so that it can give easier far castings with heavy lures. If a rod can handle heavy lures and heavy weights it can give the user longer distance casting.

Because the load of the rod just helps cast the weight for you so you don’t put strain on your hand. One of the best designs on this surf rod is the zirconium inserts this feature helps with saltwater corrosion.

This means your gear will last longer and has seven guides which make it more for accurate long-distance casting. The foam handle has a rubber cross stitch design on it is so comfortable. You won’t ever feel like you will lose control of the rod which is essential for surf rods.

It can cast seventy yards with ease and the tip is just as sensitive as the pricier rods. You will feel the smaller tight bites. Also if your to-do stationary boat fishing this rod is perfectly designed to do so.

The tip is super sensitive yet the rod surprisingly has a ton of backbone. You will be shocked at the way how this rod performs.

These are heavier powered rods what’s unique about this surf rod is that the blank is different it’s a seventy thirty blank. This means that the top of the rod is seventy percent of the blank and the bottom only thirty percent.

This unique design makes it so that when you load the rod up it’s going to launch the bait. It will do so at a far distance further than your average surf rod. On top of that, the rod blank is a combination of twenty-four-ton to thirty-ton low resin carbon.

This makes the rod very lightweight but also extremely responsive. So if your fishing bait you’re going to feel even the lightest of ticks.

Component wise the guides are 316 sea guide frames and the stainless steel material that their made from is one of the best for corrosion resistance. This is a critical component to have on a rod with them being used in saltwater shore fishing environments.

All of the guide frames are all double foot which makes the rod have more strength. The deep press design will give the rod a nice lip that will protect the zirconium inserts. The reel seat features a double locking system that can lock in with a graphite and machined aluminum nut.

This helps so when the rod is under pressure the fish won’t back off. Here below is the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance.

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod

Number 2 in the list for the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance top 5 review is the Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod. This is a phenomenal rod for the money it has the cork handle that’s nice and long for the increase in leverage. If your doing lightweight or cut bait this rod will work like a charm.

This is one of the best surfcasting rods for distance and will cast like a mile it will even launch it out past the breakers quickly. You will love this rod so much you will probably even buy a second one. It’s an overall long rod that will cast far out distances and it will surprise you for the price you just can’t go wrong.

 The butt section of this Longitude Surf Rod is wrapped in a premium cork to give it a nonslip grip design. Also, the stainless hooded reel seat keeps your reel in place as you cast and wind down on the really big fish.

The components built on this rod will help you withstand harsh conditions while fishing. The aluminum oxide guide inserts are braid compatible. And also the double-footed stainless steel guide frame feature helps in keeping your line from running straight.

This Okuma surfcasting rod has a sensitive graphite composite blank and a strong backbone to cast heavy baits a very long way. You can find the perfect length for your rod because theirs five choices a nice variety of lengths to choose from.

When you put this rod to work you’re going to be shocked at how flexible it is and how far it can cast and on top of that the backbone is just strong. The action is fast and the tip is smooth and sensitive.

This longitude rod is more stiffer and sensitive so you can know what’s going on just off the tip. This rod’s lengths range from eight feet to twelve feet so you can get a very long surfcasting rod with this choice.

Overall this rod is a monster and will cast a mile and much further than the average surf rods out there. For the price, it’s a bargain that can’t be missed. Here below is the second Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance.

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Number 3 in the list for the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance top 5 review is the BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod. A monster surf rod that looks and feels amazing. This rod will handle the ounce lures like a champ it is truly a monster.

It can cast extremely far and has amazing durability to it. You will be able to catch big game fish that are really far out there. When you battle the fish it won’t stand a chance with its excellent fast action and great power you will catch it with ease.

The berrypro monster surf fishing rod is crafted with IM7 X Carbon technology blanks this design helps give the rods incredible sensitivity and power for long-distance throws. Its reel seat is a high-strength reel seat and is well made.

The grips are high-density EVA and shrink tube designed that’s textured carbon fiber rod surface. And the rubber butt to make your fishing trips non fatigue fun trips.

On top of that, the guides are made as enhanced stainless steel fishing guides with ceramic rings. For a smooth and minimized friction between the line and the guide. All of the guides are perfectly aligned along the bottom of the spine of the blank for an increase in sensitivity when throwing long distances.

When you get this rod it’s shipped in a nice high-quality rubber protector. This is for the first eye close to the reel seat and a nice bag as well. It’s an amazing long casting surf rod that is perfect for braided line.

The eyes of this rod have a caster-type circle and are well-wrapped eyelets. Overall feels sturdy and the tip feels sensitive too. You’re going to be impressed with this it loads up on the cast very well and the casting distance is great.

A high-quality built rod with strong power and excellent long casting abilities. This surf rod is a powerful workhorse rod and will last many years, unlike the other cheaper surf rods. Here below is the third Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance.

Number 4 in the list for the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance top 5 review is the Fiblink moonsniper surf rod. An amazing moderate to fast action fishing rod that is carbon constructed for an improvement in both performance action and increased sensitivity. A rod that you can get at a twelve-foot length and casts long distances.

It’s a bit on the lighter side and great for long day fishing and has a sturdy backbone. This rod is perfect for all applications and not just the surf its a jack of all trades and made with quality.

It has a very nice thin back handle with a rubber grip that’s both comfy and non-slip designed.

With this long-distance casting surf rod, you’re going to hook the monster-sized fish without a problem and smoothly. If your into surf fishing in general id strongly recommend getting a hold of this rod.

This surf rod will outperform the more expensive rods and will do so with its far long-distance casts and power.

The rod has very nice fast action and helps with letting the fish fight without getting away. Also, the rod features a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip and a tip-over butt ferrule connection for an increase in power and durability as well.

You won’t have to worry about cutting your finger with this rod when you’re casting the really heavy baits. You will feel the action, the fish, and the balance and will be able to manhandle the bigger fish without being having to worry about the rod snapping it’s that great and an inexpensive way to go.

With that, the stainless steel mixed with the ceramic guide makes this surf rod a much more smooth long-distance casting rod while avoiding the line from getting stuck on the guides. You will easily get a one hundred-yard cast with a thirty-pound braided line and a three oz sinker without a problem.

For the price, it just can’t be beat so if you’re looking for a long-distance surfcasting rod around the price point check it out. Here below is the fourth Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance.

Goture Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Number 5 in the list for the Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance top 5 review is the Goture Surf Spinning Fishing Rod. This surf rod is a four-piece rod that is both very light and strong. It can be cast extremely far but not only that since it is a four-piece rod you can travel with it much easier and makes for a good hiking or backpacking rod.

The eyes on this rod are stainless steel with ceramic centers. They help in handling the braid with a lot smoother casting. This rod can easily cast long distances with lightweight bait. You can’t go wrong with this at the price.

This long casting surf rod is built with durability in mind. And the surf rod is constructed of thirty plus forty-ton carbon fiber blank. This is for both a lightweight feel and powerful long-distance casts.

If your looking to fish from a beach for a long time without getting tired this is a perfect choice. What separates this surf rod from the others is the reinforced carbon ribbon crafted on the tip. This is a high-quality feature for an increase in sensitivity.

The surf rod design features corrosion-resistant K guides with SICS ceramic inserts. An amazing feature that provides incredible long casts and a solid backbone. The lengths on this rod comes in a variety of sizes from nine feet to twelve feet.

And the powers vary from medium to heavy action. No matter the type of fisher you are there will be one that will fit your fishing style perfect for you. This surf rod has a fast action tip that can flexibly bend smoothly to provide the most casting distance so that you can take advantage of its design.

Since it’s a four-piece rod it can be folded up and comes with a high-quality carry bag. With this being so versatile you can separate the pieces with ease. And they’re not that big so you can put them inside of the carry bag that ties securely closed.

Also, all the pieces have their small spot to not damage each other. In conclusion, if your looking for a surf rod that can not only cast long distances but also be transported with ease due to it being four-piece this will be a perfect choice. Here below is the fifth Best Surf Casting Rod For Distance.