Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking Top 5 Review

Check Out the Best top 5 Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking list here on this review. We review the top 5 so you can find yours in no time. Discover which Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking is on the top 5 list and find yours in this review

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KastKing Blackhawk II Telescoping Rod

Number 1 in the list for the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking top 5 review is the KastKing Blackhawk II Telescoping Rod. If your looking for a telescoping backpacking rod at an amazing price this would be the perfect fit. The rod has a very comfortable slick handle and all the guides are aligned perfectly well.

A very portable and clean rod with a nice hook keeper. What makes this rod different from the others is the uniquely designed free floating guides. This guides are unique because you got two of them on there. They give the rod an enhance flex to be able to bend more without snapping.

An amazing backpacking rod for traveling you will get the same level of performance with this rod that you would with a one or two piece rod. A nice fast action rod that’s very powerful with a nice soft tip for a sensitivity.

The tip section has been upgraded to a solid glass tip. For an increase in durability without losing performance to sensitivity. The main key features of the Blackhawk is that its crafted with high modulus carbon twenty four ton blank. This makes it really thin and sensitive, light but also extremely powerful.

The handle itself is really comfy its an eva handle with a trigger reel seat and a nice fighting butt to help when in pressure. Along with that incredible stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts.

You will be able to use braid line smoothly without having to worry about damaging your guides over time. When collapsing this rod you don’t have to take the line out of the guides and it extends and collapses with ease.

With the variety of models being so wide you will easily find one that suits you best ranging from casting, spinning, inshore to offshore models.

The rod has snug fit ferrules which give the rod a full length power transition to allow the rod to perform and feel like a one piece rod. Once the rod is extended out you will be in awe as it is very impressive once you have it all extended out with all the eyelets going out.

It feels just like a regular high quality rod very light and with great balance. The rod is built to last for years due to it being constructed of the highest quality materials. And it will outperform most backpacking rods.

This telescoping rod is truly in a class of its own and is extremely durable for a telescoping rod. Here below is the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Number 2 in the list for the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking top 5 review is the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. This rod is amazing compared to other telescopic rods its a medium sized rod that’s both durable and with a nice amount of flex to it. The reel it comes with is a 3000 size and is a high quality reel that works great.

The reel has a great amount of power behind it and is quiet and smooth. The eyelets are made of metal which is an upgrade since most telescopic rods just use plastic eyelets. The casting distance is amazing it can cast really far with just a minor fling. The backbone is quite strong and has a nice flexible tip to it.

If your looking for a rod that can cast even the lightest lures at a far distance this will do it excellently. The butt of the rod has a really nice design to it and is quite comfy for a tight grip.

The flex on the plusino rod is so much better than most other rods and is super light even with the reel on it. This great backpacking rod is crafted with high density twenty four ton carbon fiber. Its reinforced with fiberglass composite which gives it its flexibility and power.

The guides are made stainless steel ceramic Inserts and are welded onto the rod. A really nice feature that gives it the really long cast ability and precision throws.

Along with that it has an adjustable full metal screw reel seat that has corrosion resistant 12+1 smooth ball bearings. The gear ratio of the reel is a 5.2:1 and is a CNC machine cut collapsible handle that is left to right interchangeable.

This makes it a really versatile rod for both right and left hand users. You wont have a problem when reeling the even the three pounder fish. The guides on this are really solid and thick because of the quality materials its made from. The drag on the reel is quite the smooth one and can be adjusted easily.

If your the type of fisher that loves to use the thick bail wire line the rod performs well with it and does so smoothly. The rod comes with a very nice quality bag that’s just a bonus in itself.

And will fit in the rod perfectly so that you can take it on your backpacking trips. An overall great telescopic rod that will perform as good as it looks. And is compact enough to be fitted in your backpack for when your traveling. Here below is the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

KastKing Compass

Number 3 in the list for the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking top 5 review is the KastKing Compass. The seven foot medium heavy fast action rod is the best all purpose all around rod. You can leave it in your truck and pretty much use it for most techniques there is.

The rod comes with a protector for the eyes and really does have some good flex built into it. The rod has a nice feel to it on the tip and will let you launch those baits pretty well. Its not too stiff and walks very nicely that require no effort at all to do so.

Weight wise it just feels awesome when collapsed its very compact and can pretty much fit anywhere you can think of when traveling. The reel seat retaining ring is made of metal which is quality material most other telescoping rods go with plastic.

The kastking compass is a lot of fun to fish with and really is to put together. It can cast smoothly and beautifully and when collapsed down its only seventeen inches in length.

A beautiful rod that’s both smooth and sensitive an outstanding backpacking rod that works great for doing drop shot. The rod was built with the highest components in mind including the stainless steel guide frames with titanium oxide ceramic rings.

On top of that the rod has a nice split rear handle design. Which helps in reducing the weight of the rod but also keeping a perfect balance. This is a composite rod that’s made with sixty percent graphite and forty percent glass for a nice sensitivity.

When you need to travel small and need a rod to go virtually anywhere with you then the compass is the tool for the job. In literally seconds the rod is extended to its fully extent so that your ready to fish in no time.

A great way for a beginner to get into fishing and an economical easy way to go fishing. When it comes to kastking they really make high quality rods at a great price. And this one is a must have for your backpacking rod arsenal. Here below is the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Number 4 in the list for the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking top 5 review is the Magreel telescopic fishing rod and reel combo. If your starting to get into backpacking or kayaking then this is priced very well for the performance it offers.

It comes with a really high quality premium case that fits both the rod and the reel well. This rod is also constructed with quality twenty four ton carbon and has stainless steel guides with ceramic insert rings.

A very light rod that has a nice eva foam handle for comfort. The shortest length for this rod is five foot but you can get it in longer sizes up to nine foot. This telescopic fishing rod can really handle the big game fish due to its backbone being so strong and sturdy.

The gear ratio on this rod is very powerful. It is a 5.5:1 gear ratio an excellent outstanding gear ratio for a telescoping rod to have. The rod has a nice flex to it and the tip is quite sensitive so you wont miss any bites.

This deal also comes with a nice tackle box that’s great for beginners who just want to go fish as soon as you open it up. On top of that a rod tip is included so the rod tip doesn’t get damaged or extends while traveling.

This is an elegant looking rod with a matching reel that’s really smooth built with top quality in mind. This is the type of rod that can withstand pressure from the bigger fish without snapping due to the high quality materials it is made from.

The guides are quite smooth and solid and will reel in even the larger fish smoothly with a nice bend to it. A very convenient rod for when you cant take your one piece or two piece. Because of its size this will work wonders when hiking, backpacking, or going by airplane.

No matter the situation you can pretty much take this rod anywhere anytime so you don’t miss your chance to fish. Here below is the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Number 5 in the list for the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking top 5 review is the Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. The length on this rod is amazing theirs a variety of lengths with the longest one being ten feet.

You can launch it a mile thanks to its length being so long and it has a great flexibility. It can break down to a foot and a half so that you can put it inside your backpack. Overall a great travel rod that can break down really nicely and be stored in small spots.

The perfect rod for catfishing or even bass fishing that’s well built and sturdy. Price wise it just cant be beat and will outperform its value by far. The rod itself looks amazing and definitely feels like a one piece and casts very good.

A sensitive rod with a very nice tip and mid section and can cast precisely accurate. Great for a side presentation like a crank bait or a jerk bait it works wonders. And is a must have in your arsenal for a rod that wont take any room.

The balance feel and comfort is pretty much in par with the much more priced one piece rods which really says a lot. It is crafted of twenty four ton carbon fiber and e glass composite to give it an ultra light weight feel with immense durability.

If you hike, go on small trails, or have a kayak or inflatable small boat this is an amazing option of a rod to take on your fishing trips. The reel seat is a CNC machined aluminum reel seat is corrosion resistant, powerful and very well balanced.

On top of that this rod uses unique designed spinning guides that are crafted of stainless steel. This feature makes for a non angle operation but also for both a very smooth casting and retrieving.

Along with that thanks to its ultra light weight construction the rod makes for a non fatigue long day fishing rod that really just wont disappoint.

If your looking for a cheaper telescoping backpacking rod with an insane precision accuracy quality performance this is a perfect choice to get. Here below is the Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking