Best Time Of Day To Catch Bluegill And How To Catch Bluegill

Want to learn about the best spots to fish bluegill and what the best time of day to catch bluegill is? By the end of this guide you will know the best time of day to catch bluegill and how to catch them with ease.

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How To Fish Bluegill And At What Time?

When fishing for bluegill during the mid to late spring their is a lot more larger sized bluegill especially in stain to a clear water environment. But this is only after the water temperature reaches the mid to the high sixty degree range. When bluegill start building nests they mostly do it in groups and these groups of nests are colonies.

When your trying to catch bluegill look around your surroundings keep an eye out for trees that are hanging over water. Bluegills love to feed on insects and their are a ton of insects on the tree branches. Sometimes when the wind blows bugs like the caterpillars will either fall down into the water or just get blown off towards the water.

Because of this reason fishing under overhanging trees makes it an excellent place to start. When you find a nice bluegill fishing spot your going to be catching one after another because they are usually together which is great.

Another great key indicator that you should look out for is sunken brush bluegills tend to swim near there as well. If the water is above seventy five degrees bluegills will usually stay up and spawn so you will be able to find them closer to the surface.

Sometimes they wont come off the bed especially during the second spawn because they have been fighting stuff off to protect their eggs. Coat pockets will usually have bluegills in the back of them too.

Anywhere that you see weed edges also indicates a key location where bluegills can be. The best time of day to catch bluegill is from four pm to seven pm I wouldn’t recommend to go any later at night because during the dark they are very inactive and resting.

Their are many types of baits that I love to use when I’m fishing for bluegill. When you go bluegill fishing depending on the season your going to want to choose a lure that matches their habitat.

The one that I highly recommend you use if you don’t have the grub jig head is any kind of fly bait lure. The fly bait works great all open water season long especially in the summer and the spring as well. The next bait that is also amazing are the Berkley wax worms these come in long strings and all you do is just pick them off and get the individual wax worm.

The third bait type that works really well is pretty much anything that looks like a worm. A night crawler worm is one of the most commonly used baits for fishing bluegill and for fishing in general.

Also the gulp alive red worm baits, these work great and you can hook them on your jig lures or even on a plan hook. You can fish this under a bobber to help you with that extra casting distance and since bluegills like to feed up the surface the bobber helps in pulling your bait up higher.

Bluegills also love to feed on leeches the twister tail looks similar to a leech and for that reason they are on my top list. The last bait that I like to use is crickets so what I use for that is gulp alive crickets. Gulp alive is great because they come scented which really attracts fish and they confuse them for live bait.

In Conclusion

In conclusion the best time of day to catch bluegill is more on the evening remember that at night the bluegills are very inactive so you shouldn’t try to go and fish for them during the dark.

Now that you learned when the best time of day to catch bluegill and how to fish for them go out and see how many you can get.