Best Walleye Lures For Summer Top 5 Review [Buyers Guide]

Fishing walleye for many years during the summer has helped me find the best summer lures for walleye to catch them with. The Truscend jointed swimbait lure is the best walleye lure that I have ever used in the summer.

This is a walleye catching machine that has tripled my walleye catch rate and thanks to it I’m able to catch over twenty-five walleye in a single day!

It’s a unique jointed lure that has a lifelike swimming action and a strong paddle tail that swings to attract walleye with a natural presentation that tricks them into thinking it’s a real baitfish.

Along with that, it features a spinner blade that will rotate quickly to flash and trigger walleye to strike. When the walleye bites it’s going to hook itself onto the treble hook and jig hook that it comes pre-rigged with.

Here below you can find the best walleye lures for summer fishing.

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Truscend Jointed Swimbait Lure [5 Lures]

The best walleye lure to fish with during summer is the Truscend jointed swimbait lure. This is a uniquely designed segmented lure that is jointed so that it’s able to swim like a real fish to attract walleye extremely often and make them go for the bite.

It’s a walleye catching machine that has increased my walleye catch rate by three times as much and now I can catch over twenty-five walleye with this lure in a day it’s incredible!

The lure features a lifelike sensitive paddle tail with a strong swinging side-to-side action that moves at all speeds and triggers walleye into striking it.

Also, a spinner blade is attached to a ball bearing swivel which will make it spin and flash to attract walleye with a shine that is easy for them to see even from a far distance.

It is a soft constructed lure with gills, 3D fins, and fish eyes to give walleye a natural presentation of a real-life fish and tricks them while doing so.

The body has a manually printed fishlike painted look which will make it look even more realistic.

This lure comes pre-rigged with a treble hook and an internal jig head hook to land a solid hookset and catch the walleyes easily without them escaping. The length of this jointed lure is 3.5 inches and weighs eighteen grams.

All in all a walleye catching machine that attracts walleye with its lifelike swinging paddle tail swimming movement and rotating spinner blade which will trigger them to strike constantly. The lure comes in a five-pack of multi-colored jointed lures.

If you would like to check out the Truscend jointed swimbait lures that I use to fish walleye in the summer you can find them here below at a great price!

Facikono Jig Head Fishing Lure [6 Lures]

The next lure on the list is the Facikono jig head fishing lure. A fish smell scented lure designed with a big soft tail to do strong swings that attract walleye and cause them to bite.

The big tail will swing on retrieve with a realistic swimming action that walleye are used to having so once this lure is spotted by a walleye it will strike without hesitation. Since it’s fish-scented, walleye will naturally be attracted to this lure so expect them to strike at it over and over.

The fish smell scent is quite strong and walleye that are far will still be attracted to it which is quite impressive.

This lure has a culter fish mouth along with 3D laser eyes, fins, and fish scales so it looks just like a real fish when underwater and will fool walleye into biting it often. Also, it’s a high-quality crafted soft plastic lure so it can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing applications.

It’s pre-rigged with a lead jig hook on the head which helps with longer distance casting and a treble hook that is attached to double rings to make it hard for walleye to escape. This lure has a length of 3.54 inches with a weight of 8.8 grams.

An excellent walleye-attracting lure that is designed with a big tail that swings hard to trigger walleye and also has a scented body that walleye will smell and be attracted to. It comes in a six-pack lure deal of big-tailed lures.

If you would like to check out the Facikono jig head fishing lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Beoccudo Minnow Crankbait Lure [4 Lures]

The third lure is going to be the Beoccudo minnow crankbait lure. This is a hard crankbait lure designed with a wide front diving lip which gives it a deeper diving action and a lifelike wobbling movement to get walleye to bite more often.

When a walleye sees this lure wobbling it will strike it immediately which is perfect for what I want it to do and that’s to consistently get walleye to go for the bite.

Steel rattling balls are built inside of this lure and they will roll in the body to make a loud rattling noise for attracting walleye to it. The body is painted with reflective paint and will flash brightly when your fishing during the summer to increase the number of walleye bites.

Along with its highly reflective body, the 3D laser fish eyes will further help in fooling walleye with a baitfish look that will get them to strike.

Two treble hooks come pre-rigged with this lure so any walleye that bites will be hooked with a powerful hookset. This crankbait lure weighs 0.5 ounces and has a length of 4.9 inches.

Overall a top-notch hard crankbait lure that will trigger walleye to bite with its lifelike wobbling movement and steel balls that rattle loudly to attract them with all the noise it makes. This lure comes in a four lure pack of different colored crankbait wobbling lures.

If you would like to check out the Beoccudo minnow crankbait lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Wylest Fishing Jig Lures [5 Lures]

The fourth lure on the list is the Wylest fishing jig lure. A metal jig lure designed with a radium-painted body that gives it a highly reflective look while underwater to make it easy for walleye to see it and bite.

The radium paint coat that this lure uses is excellent for when you are fishing walleye in the summer and the sun is shining bright. The lure will reflect the sunlight and flash to attract walleye with an attractive shimmer that will get them to strike.

Also since the lure is made out of a zinc alloy metal it will cause vibrations to further increase the chances for the lure to get bitten. This lure has the center of gravity on the front section of it so that it can be cast a mile.

With the lure being constructed from zinc alloy material it will last and the 3D eyes will help it look more like a fish.

The hooks that this lure is pre-rigged with are two reversible black nickel-plated treble hooks that are not only rust-resistant but also corrosion resistant as well and have an impressive hook-up ratio.

A feather is attached to the back of the treble hook for walleye to see and bite, once a walleye strikes the feather it will get hooked onto the treble hooks with a top-notch hookset. The length of this jig lure is 73 centimeters and weighs eighteen grams.

This lure will attract all walleye in the summer with its shimmering flashy radium-painted body and also get them to bite with the vibrations it creates. The jig lure comes in five deal lure pack of highly reflective radium-coated metal lures.

If you would like to check out the Wylest fishing jig lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

Truscend Fishing Spoon Lure

The last lure is going to be the Truscend fishing spoon lure. This spoon lure is designed with a unique 7-layer laser coating process which gives the lure a reflective pattern with a holographic foil and laser-etched scales.

Thanks to this construction it’s able to reflect ultraviolet light that the sun emits in a three hundred and sixty-degree radius to attract walleye with a luminous shine that works even in the dark.

It’s a high-quality streamlined crafted lure that’s great for many fishing applications and can handle rivers strong currents quite well. Along with that, it gives it an aerodynamic body that reduces water and air so that you can cast it with a nice long accurate distance.

The fish-shaped body and 3D eyes will give walleye a baitfish presentation which tricks them into going in for the strike.

Two sharp hooks come with this spoon lure a treble hook and also a single hook attached to a braid which will help battle big walleye with a unique hook combination.

Fluorescent feathers are securely tied to the braided single hook and walleye really seem to strike at it extremely often and when they bite the single hook will hook on with a tough hookset. The length of this spoon lure is 2.4 inches and weighs twenty grams.

A 7-layered laser-coated spoon lure that gets walleye bites often with its luminous shiny body that reflects ultraviolet light in a 360-degree radius to maximize its walleye attracting potential.

If you would like to check out the Truscend fishing spoon lures that I highly recommend you can find them here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, If you’re trying to catch walleye in the summer you’re going to need one of the best summer walleye fishing lures.

Now that you have found the best walleye lures for summer grab yourself a couple and see how incredible they are for catching walleye during the summer.