Buffalo Fish Vs Carp What’s The Difference Between Carp And Buffalo Fish?

Have you ever seen a carp and a buffalo fish and wondered what’s the difference between carp and buffalo fish? You probably noticed that they both have a similar body size along with similar scale patterns. They may look like the same fish but they are a different fish species that are from different parts of the world.

In this article, I go in-depth on the differences between buffalo fish and carp and what to look out for so that you can tell them apart much easier. From how big they can get to what they eat and even where they spawn.

Also, I talk about where you can find carp and buffalo fish so that you can fish for them without having a hard time finding them and also about which of the two are the hardest battling fish.

By the end of this article, you will know what the difference is between carp and buffalo fish and much more.

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Is Buffalo Fish A Carp?

No buffalo fish is not a carp even though buffalo fish kind of looks similar to a carp it has many differences. Not only are they both different fish species and in different fish family’s but they also have different features that you can spot to know which one is which.

Their similar looks can make it quite tricky to tell them apart from them each other but as you keep reading you will learn what things to look out for so that you don’t get them mixed up with each other.

Buffalo Fish Vs Carp What’s The Difference Between Carp And Buffalo Fish?

If you’ve ever caught a buffalo fish then you have most likely thought that you caught a carp because of its almost identical looks but there are many different things about them that will help you tell them apart.

Most fishermen may think that buffalo fish is a carp because of their similar looks and also because some call buffalo fish nicknames like buffalo carp but they are different fish.
Starting with the mouth, buffalo fish have much smaller-sized mouths compared to a carp that has a bigger and rounder mouth making buffalo fish a more difficult fish to hook and catch.

Unlike carp, buffalo fish do not have barbels which are whiskers and this is one of the main things that I look out for when I’m telling them apart. Compared to carp, buffalo fish have a mouth that’s more downward positioned but both of their lips are about the same when it comes to thickness.

On top of that, buffalo fish can live to be more than one hundred and twelve years compared to carp that can only live to be an average of twenty years making buffalo fish a much longer living fish between the two of them.

They are also both different fish species the buffalo fish is an Ictiobus Cyprinellus and the common carp is a Cyprinus Carpio. The buffalo fish is from the sucker family and is the most largest suckerfish in North America with the common carp being a fish from the minnow family.

Along with that their body size may look similar but their bone structures are different. Buffalo fish have bones throughout their muscles which are backbones that aren’t attached to them and carp have Y-shaped bones.

Also, they have different colored bodies and tail fins, common carp tend to have lighter toned tail fin colors like red, yellow, brown, and orange that usually matches their body colors which are brown with gold and olive with green. Buffalo fish on the other hand have darker toned tail fin colors like dark blue, and black with their body color usually being dark grey, silvery dark, and dark brown.

Both of these fish are also from different parts of the world buffalo fish are from North America to whereas common carp are from Asia and Europe. Even with buffalo fish being able to live a lot longer than common carp the carp can still grow to be big in size.

On average common carp can weigh up to thirty pounds and get around thirty-one inches long and buffalo fish can grow to be four feet long and weigh up to eighty pounds. When it comes to battling these fish common carp are a lot easier to hook and reel in and buffalo fish can be more of a pain to get on the hook and are a lot harder to catch since they can cause heavy pressure with their sheer weight and cut the line.

Another interesting difference between carp and buffalo fish is that carp are mostly near structures and buffalo fish are mostly near weeds and reed beds where the water is heavily vegetated. So when it comes to buffalo fish vs carp the much stronger battling fish that puts up a tough fight is going to be the buffalo fish.

What Is Buffalo Fish?

A buffalo fish is an Ictiobus Cyprinellus fish species that’s in the sucker family and can be found in freshwater. It is a fish that’s native in North America and also happens to be the biggest-sized suckerfish type in North America so they can get pretty large.

Since buffalo fish can live over one hundred and twelve years this gives them time to grow to be four feet long and get a weight of up to eighty pounds which is quite big.

What Is A Common Carp Fish?

A common carp is a Cyprinus Carpio fish species from the minnow family that’s all over freshwater areas like lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds. This fish is native to Asia and Europe and can be found nearly everywhere since it’s an invasive fish and is a common fish to catch in North America as well.

Where Do Buffalo Fish Come From?

Buffalo fish come from North America and they are all over the United States freshwater and also including Guatemala, Ohio, Mexico, Canada, Mississippi river, Alabama, and North Dakota. Unlike some types of the same fish being from different regions, all types of buffalo fish like bigmouth buffalo and smallmouth buffalo are all native to North America.

Where Do Common Carp Come From?

Common carp come from Asia and Europe and they were later on introduced to North America by Europe and then everywhere else soon after but not including the extremely coldest parts of the world.

Where Can You Find Buffalo Fish?

You can find buffalo fish in big lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams. The main thing to look out for when you’re trying to find buffalo fish is a heavily vegetated area. Buffalo fish benefit from swimming in areas where plant algae is abundant because their gill rakers will help consume the plant algae with no effort needed from the buffalo fish at all but to just be swimming near it.

When I’m looking for buffalo fish one of the first things that I look for are reeds and weeds as buffalo fish tend to be near them. If you see a drop off into shallow water when it’s a hot day that area could be a great spot for catching buffalo fish too.

Also, buffalo fish like to be in water temperatures of thirty-one to thirty-four degrees Celsius but you can still find them in water temperatures between twenty-two to thirty-eight degrees Celsius.

Where To Find Common Carp?

You can find common carp in rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes, usually when I’m fishing for common carp the first thing I do when I’m looking for them is stop and look at the water for any jumps, turns, or when a carp lifts its head out of the water.

By jumps I mean when a carp jumps out of the water and a turn is when a carp is feeding at the bottom and they buildup debris in their gills. For the carp to clean the unwanted debris from its gills it will have to go up to topwater for oxygen which will flush out the debris and make bubbles that you can see very easily.

Another thing to look out for when you’re trying to find common carp is structure. Since common carp feel safe when their near structure they will stick to the structure most of the time. Sunken logs, lily pads, and rocks are great examples of the types of structures to cast near when you’re trying to find common carp.

Also if you see a muddied clouded water area where the water is normally clear that could be an excellent area to cast in because when carp feed they make a mess by spitting out rocks and sand.

Along with that common carp like to be in water temperatures of twenty-three to thirty degrees Celsius which is around the water temperature that buffalo fish are also in.

What Does A Buffalo Fish Look Like?

Buffalo fish have large eyes and a small mouth that’s barely big enough to stick your finger in. Its small mouth size is one of the main things about this fish that makes it incredibly hard to catch amongst other things.

Their bodies can be silvery dark-colored, greyish black, and dark brown with some olive and for the most part, their upper section is darker colored than their mid-body section. The tail and its fins are also darker colored than the rest of its body.

They have patterned tough scales that look similar to carp scales with their edges also being darker than the scales themselves. Also, buffalo fish are on the bigger side and have fat widebodies that can weigh eighty pounds and they can get four feet long!

The mouth of a buffalo fish is pointing in a downward position and this helps it with its bottom-feeding so that it can dig and find its food with less of a hassle. Apart from its scales, its forked tail can also confuse fishermen into thinking that it’s a carp when it’s actually a buffalo fish.

What Does Carp Fish Look Like?

Carp have small-sized eyes with big lips and they also have two barbels, one on each side of its mouth which are whiskers. Their tail is forked and they have one top dorsal fin that has over twenty tough spines and its body is covered with big thick patterned scales to protect them.

The edge outline of its scales is dark-colored and it has a big round mouth that’s much easier to hook compared to buffalo fish. Most common carp are colored with a brownish-gold body and a white belly and others have a green with olive body along with some of them having a red-colored tail and fins.

Its stomach section is almost always brighter colored and a bit more pale than the body itself. They are fat-looking fish that can weigh up to eighty-eight pounds and get as long as forty-seven inches. When an expert fisher sees a carp they can immediately tell that it’s a carp by looking at its barbels, mouth, and its large body size.

How Big Do Buffalo Fish Get?

Buffalo fish can get pretty big they can weigh more than eighty pounds and get as long as four feet. With buffalo fish being able to live long lives of over one hundred and twelve years it’s to no surprise why they can get so huge in both length and weight.

Not only are buffalo fish known to be one of the longest living freshwater fish out there but they are also the biggest suckerfish family in North America. The average weight of a buffalo fish is thirty-nine pounds.

Its weight makes it an even harder fish to fight and when a fisher gets a buffalo fish on a hook the line will just get cut from the heavy pressure most of the time. On top of that since buffalo fish are suckerfish their small mouths are more difficult to hook.

As for an Adult smallmouth buffalo, they can weigh up to forty-five pounds which is half of what bigmouth buffalo weighs so the name pretty much says it all. So if your trying to catch some buffalo fish always make sure that you are prepared with the right equipment.

How Big Do Common Carp Get?

Common carp can weigh up to eighty-eight pounds and grow around forty-seven inches in length. They only live to be seventeen to twenty years of age so they don’t get to live as long as buffalo fish but there has been a common carp that lived to be thirty-eight years old.

It has an average weight of five to thirty pounds along with an average length of sixteen to thirty-one inches. Just like buffalo fish, common carp can also get big and they both grow similar in size which is probably another reason why fishers confuse them with each other apart from their looks.

What Do Buffalo Fish Eat?

Buffalo fish are omnivorous that eat animals and plants like plankton, algae, ostracods, larvae, clams, copepods, mollusk, worms, and many other types of aquatic insects.

This type of fish is from the suckerfish family and is a bottom feeder that sucks its food into its mouth by digging into the sand and rocks. While its feeding and sucking in both sediment and food about fifty percent of what they eat is food and the other fifty percent is sediment like dirt and sand so they have a unique digestive system.

They also consume plant algae just by swimming in algae vegetated waters thanks to their gill rakers which are located on the front section of its gills and they are used as a feeding filtering system for small food like algae to nourish the buffalo fish without it having to do any work at all but to be swimming near the algae.

Their gill rakers are one of the main factors to why they are so big and can grow so much in size.

What Do Common Carp Eat?

Common carp are aggressive omnivores that eat water fleas, copepods, mussels, bloodworms, tubifex worms, seeds, fish eggs, snails, smaller-sized fish, plants like algae, and aquatic insects like odanata.

They love to eat many different things and seventy-five to ninety percent of what they eat are animals with plants being the least thing that they eat.

Common carp usually feed at the bottom and use their mouths to dig up to five inches deep to grab food like worms. When common carp eat they use their mouth like a vacuum and suck in their food to eat it then blow out any rocks or sediment.

When Do Buffalo Fish Spawn?

Just like carp, buffalo fish begin to spawn around a similar time from April to June in schools when the water temperature is around thirteen to twenty-six degrees Celsius.

Another reason why people get carp and buffalo fish mixed up with each other is because they both spawn in weedy shallow waters and splash water when breeding.

When Do Carp Spawn?

Carp spawn in the springtime and sometimes during the fall around the months of April to August. After and before the spawn, carp will gather in shallow water areas to spawn on rocks, sunken logs, and reed beds in schools.

They usually like to spawn with more than five other carp and start spawning when the water temperature hits eighteen to twenty-four degrees Celsius.

Is Buffalo Fish A Bottom Feeder?

Yes, buffalo fish is a bottom feeder it’s in the suckerfish family which is a bottom-feeding fish family. When a buffalo fish feeds at the bottom it uses its downward positioned mouth to suck in any food like worms or plant algae and will then spit out any remaining sediment.

Is Common Carp A Bottom Feeder?

Yes, the common carp is an omnivorous bottom-feeder fish and when it feeds it will eat any worms, mussels, copepods, fish eggs, insects, and zooplankton. While a common carp feeds it will blow out mud clouds and make a mess dirtying up the water in the process.

They can also feed on surface water making them a versatile type of feeder but for the most part, their mouths make them bottom-feeding machines. There are many fishers that think that common carp are not bottom-feeding fish for this reason but just because carp can also feed on the surface does not make them non-bottom-feeding fish.

Also since common carp usually swim in dirty-looking water from their feeding mess some fishers don’t like to catch carp to eat them.

Do Buffalo Fish Bones?

Yes, buffalo fish have a lot of bones throughout their muscles which are backbones that aren’t connected. This makes buffalo fish harder to debone and fillet but its ribs are known not to have bones like its muscles do so when I fillet a buffalo fish I cut in a vertical angle starting where the rib bone is and it makes a tasty buffalo fish fillet.

Do Common Carp Have Bones?

Yes, common carp do have bones they have many Y-shaped bones which are small intramuscular bones. The common carp has two sets of Y bones on its back section and on the upper front section, it has a set of rib bones along with one set of Y bones on the front lower section and a tough spine bone.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, buffalo fish and carp are different fish and there are many differences between them.

When your identifying two fish from each other always look closely and try to find differences starting with their fins, scales, eyes, barbels, and mouth. And remember that even if a fish looks similar to another that doesn’t mean that it’s the same type of fish.

Now that you have learned the difference between carp and buffalo fish whenever you catch either one of them you won’t get them mixed up anymore.