Do Catfish Eat Shrimp?

Catfish love to eat shrimp but having to restock the shrimp bait over and over felt like a hassle so I tested many shrimp imitation lures to find the best one to catch them with. The Truscend shrimp fishing lure is the best shrimp imitation lure that I have ever used over the past years and it’s a catfish catching machine!

This shrimp lure has increased my catfish catch rate by twice as much and now I can catch over twenty-five catfish in just a single day of fishing. It was made to imitate exactly how a shrimp looks with a unique design that makes it glow in the dark which glows bright and triggers catfish to strike it constantly.

The lure comes pre-rigged with a molded-in jig hook to land you excellent hooksets every time and it hooks in deep to make battling even the larger-sized catfish much easier. What’s so great about this lure is that it comes in a pack of six high-quality shrimp lures that are durable and attract catfish better than any other shrimp lure out there.

By the end of this article, you will know if catfish eat shrimp and what the best shrimp imitation lure is for catching catfish.

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The Best Catfish Shrimp Imitation Lure [6 Lures]

When it comes to catfish they often eat shrimp so I found the best shrimp imitation lure to catch them with so I wouldn’t have to spend time on resupplying my shrimp bait and also be ready at all times when I’m on the go.

The best shrimp imitation lure that attracts catfish incredibly fast is the Truscend shrimp fishing lure. This vibrant colored shrimp lure is designed with a glow in the dark luminous feature so it’s perfect for fishing catfish in the dark, in the day the glow works great as well.

Thanks to this shrimp imitation lure I’m able to catch over twenty-five catfish in a day and it has successfully increased my catfish catch rate by two times as much which is amazing! The glow in the dark designed body will attract catfish even from a far distance with a bright shine that triggers them to strike.

The lure is crafted with a tail that has a kicking action and this helps give it a lifelike swimming movement that of a real-life shrimp. On top of that, it also has legs that move realistically and an antenna for a natural presentation to fool catfish into striking it without hesitation.

Since it’s constructed from high-quality TPE material it’s extremely durable and flexible much more than your average soft lure so it can handle powerful bites without a problem. I have been fishing catfish with this lure for many years now and it still looks great.

This lure comes with a sharp jig hook that’s molded inside of it and helps land solid hooksets, once a catfish bites it will be hard for it to escape. The length of this lure is three and a half inches and weighs eleven grams.

Overall an amazing catfish catching machine that attracts them with its uniquely designed glow-in-the-dark body and lifelike features which triggers them to strike as soon as it’s spotted. This shrimp imitation lure comes in a six-pack lure deal of realistic different colored shrimps lures.

If you would like to check out the Truscend shrimp fishing lures that I use for catching catfish constantly you can find them here below at a great price!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, catfish do eat shrimp but if you’re looking to fish catfish with shrimp you’re going to want to fish with a shrimp imitation lure. With years of fishing catfish, I have found that the Truscend shrimp fishing lure is the best shrimp imitation lure.

When a catfish sees this lure it’s going to bite it quickly and will be tricked into thinking it’s an actual real-life shrimp by the way it looks. From the antenna to the moving legs and the tail designed with a kicking action this lure does an excellent job in imitating a shrimp.

The tail makes the lure swim so real and gives catfish a natural presentation that will trigger them to go for the bite. Along with the lure looking just like a real shrimp it also glows in the dark with its luminous body and shines quite brightly in murky water and especially during the dark.

The hook that comes pre-rigged with this lure is a jig hook and it’s perfect for landing solid hooksets on catfish fishing applications. This is a soft lure that’s crafted with TPE so it’s very flexible and tough and it will last a long time.

One single shrimp lure has caught me hundreds of catfish and since it comes in deal with a total of six shrimp imitation lures your going to be able to catch way more catfish with this lure compared to just using a random lure making it the best shrimp imitation lure for fishing catfish.

If someone ever asks you do catfish eat shrimp, then you should tell them about this shrimp lure because it’s much better than using shrimp bait.

Now that you have found out that catfish love to eat shrimp check out the Truscend shrimp fishing lures that I use to fish catfish with and see how amazing they are for catching catfish with.