How To Catch Flounder At Night

Fishing flounder at night can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing at first. With many years of night fishing, learning how to catch flounder at night became easier with each passing year.

The first thing you have to know is that flounder hunt by sight so at night to make it a lot easier you have to use a glow in the dark lure to fish flounder effectively. Without a glow in the dark lure you’re not going to have much of a chance of catching any flounder during the night at all.

By the end of this guide, you will learn how to catch flounder at night.

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How To Catch Flounder At Night

When your fishing for flounder the best type of rod to use is going to be a light action spinning rod. Flounders like to hide in corners, crevasses, and hug walls, these areas will require an accurate and precise cast that the spinning rods offer.

Glowing soft minnow lures also happen to be a great bait that flounder bite commonly so you give a more natural presentation when using these as bait. To increase my flounder catch rate even further I flash my UV flashlight at the lure which makes it a lot brighter and effective in the dark.

Make sure you charge your lure once every twenty minutes as the glow will weaken all you have to do is just flash the UV light at it and it will recharge it’s quite easy.

With a UV flashlight increasing the brightness of the lure I’m able to catch twice as many flounder in a night than without one.

When you have your set up ready look for structures, if you happen to find any near a flowing current you will surely find flounder hiding there. Bank walls, rocks, docks, piers, and even concrete slabs are great flounder fishing spots, they’re closer to you than you think.

Do not cast in the middle of the ocean or bay because flounder are always near structure. Cast accurately under the structure and once you hit the bottom jig your glow in the dark lure up and down moderately, not too fast but not too slow.

When you feel a bite and you’re setting the hook with a lure, reel the flounder in immediately.

Where To Find Flounder

Since flounders love to hide and hug walls the best places to find them near will be structures. Anywhere that has structure is bound to have flounder I have caught many of them near the docks, under log piles, and piers.

Also deep drop offs are one of the best places to find flounder in. You can always find flounder where the bait fish are located because they don’t chase their prey.

Flounder hunt in a unique way, they lay at the bottom like a carpet and hide under the sand, when they strike they do so upward. This makes them a camping like fish where they just sit and hide at the bottom under their prey.

Creek mouths are a perfect hunting ground for flounder because of the narrow paths. Bait fish flow through these paths so flounder take advantage of the choke points in the narrow paths to eat them.

Where theirs a strong current you will find bait fish and if you see any structures with the current flowing near them you will likely find flounder there hunting. If you find a main channel flowing into an area you will find that the flounder will be in the current feeding.

Oyster bars make for great natural structures and flounder use them as cover.

Best Time Of Day To Catch Flounder

During the spring time, most baitfish move towards inshore locations and the flounder follow them to feed. Fishing for flounder during slack tide is the worst possible time to fish for them. This is because there is less water moving which means less bait fish.

Flounder like to swim in moving water so always fish the tides when you can, since bait fish are always flowing during the tides the flounder follow. The best time of day to catch flounder is pretty much when it’s high tide time during the afternoon. Always be sure to fish near the shore where their is structures when your looking for them.

In Conclusion

In conclusion when your learning how to catch flounder at night always make sure you have a glow in the dark lure with its brightness boosted by a UV flashlight for a more effective flounder catch success rate.

Now that you have learned how to catch flounder at night go out and catch some with everything you have learned here!