How To Catch Rockfish From Shore

When your trying to learn how to catch rockfish from shore it can be quite a difficult task at first. You have to know where they usually swim and what spots they hide under.

I’ve personally fished rockfish for many years and have found a secret lure and swimbait combination that gives more success in catching rockfish and I talk about it here.

By the end of this guide you will learn how to catch rockfish from shore.

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How To Find Rockfish From Shore?

To learn how to catch rockfish from shore the most important thing that you have to know is where they usually are. When your on shore and trying to fish for rockfish the first thing you will want to do is take a look at the water. A great key indicator for rockfish is kelp, rocks and where the water seems to be deeper.

Next your going to cast where it looks the deepest, their are deep holes where kelp comes out from and rockfish use kelp as shelter. Cast near the kelp but not through it you want to avoid running your line through a bunch of kelp because sometimes the rockfish will get unhooked.

Rockfish swim where the water is the deepest and under the rocks is where its the deepest which makes it one of the best spots for rockfish to be around. Casting towards the rocks and swimming your bait as close to the rock as possible is a great way to catch rockfish.

You will notice deep holes of water with a lot of big rocks surrounding it, rockfish tend to swim in there and this makes for a really great spot to fish for them. These are the main key indicators for where rockfish are located other than just casting towards the deeper end of the water and hoping for a bite.

The Secret Rockfish Lure & Swimbait Technique

I’ve fished rockfish from shore for a long time and found a technique most don’t know about. Its a lure and swimbait combination that really attracts rockfish like no other and I’m going to share it with you.

When it comes to fishing rockfish from shore I have found that after ten years, the very best fishing lure for rockfish is the jig head. I personally love to use the half ounce jig heads to start off with because the lighter jig heads just wont get snagged as much.

They also let the current take them a little more to provide a more natural action. The heavier jig heads just wont cut it, their going to get snagged much more often which nobody likes.

As for swimbaits you can catch rockfish in just about any type of swimbait but I have personally had the most success with the keitech swimbaits and I use them every time I go rockfish fishing from shore.

The keitech swimbaits are just way better than the paddle tails and the big hammers when it comes to this fishing application. Believe it or not when it comes to swimbait color it actually matters more than you think when fishing rockfish.

I did some research and it turns out that rockfish love to feed on squid and its part of their diet. So I grabbed a white keitech which imitates the color of the squid and went fishing for rockfish.

That day the white colored keitech worked wonders, it was a day where I caught more rockfish than I wanted. This is my go to lure and swimbait setup that gives the most success for catching rockfish and is a must use for anyone trying to catch rockfish.

What To Do When Fishing For Rockfish

When your casting in the deep water you really shouldn’t leave your line out there too long because of the vegetation. The vegetation will just build up all over your line and the only thing your going to reel is a big chunk of kelp and vegetation.

So always check your line about every five minutes and remove anything like kelp that’s on it. Doing this will really increase your chance of getting a bite. Remember that big rocks, kelp and deep water pockets are the three main key indicators for rockfish to be in.

When casting at the big rocks it is important to not close your bail because if you close your bail it will swim towards you and you don’t want that. Leave your bail open until drops down the bottom then close it.

The reason you want to let it drop down to the bottom is because rockfish are in the deeper spots of the water and that’s how you catch them.

One of the best times to fish for rockfish on the shore is during high tide. That’s when tides push in water towards the land much harder than the usual and the rockfish get pushed up closer to shore.

If you can, always take of advantage of the high tides you will have much more success in catching rockfish from shore. You can find the high tides normally during the later day just when its about to get dark during sunset.

Kelp is going to be your worst enemy when fishing for rockfish from shore so make sure you have the right sized lure. If its too big all your going to be reeling in is kelp.

Using a white keitech swimbait is a must if your trying to catch rockfish, it has helped me personally catch many rockfish for the reason that they look like squid which is what they love to eat. If your new to swimbaits and you don’t want to lose your rigs then cast around the edges where its deep.

And be sure to focus on the big rocks if you don’t see any then second thing you will want to cast at is deep water holes or just where you know for sure its deep.

In Conclusion

In conclusion knowing how to catch rockfish from shore can be quite the difficult and tricky task, but now that you know where they are its going to be a lot easier.

Now that you have learned to how to catch rockfish from shore go out watch how many rockfish you can catch!