How To Catch Whiting From The Beach

With years of fishing whiting learning how to catch whiting from the beach became easier over time. The first thing to do when your trying to catch whiting is to make sure you are positioned right.

You’re going to want to be in front of the sun where you can work your lure with the tide.

By the end of this guide you will learn how to catch whiting from the beach.

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How To Catch Whiting From The Beach

When learning how to catch whiting from the beach your position in relation to sun and the tide is important. Constantly working your lure with the tide is the best way to catch whiting.

Whiting will be feeding along the tide as it comes down so your lure will have a natural presentation by working with the tide.

The main spots to look out for when your learning how to catch whiting from the beach are sand patches that are near weed beds at about two to five meters deep. Anywhere that has shallows weeds is a great habitat for whiting.

When you are on the beach take a look at the sandbars their will be troughs which are deep holes near, whiting will usually gather inside of these troughs.

These troughs near the sandbar make great fishing spots for catching whiting and are the first thing I look out for when I go on my whiting fishing trips. They are closer to the beach than you think so don’t cast too far.

Best Whiting Fishing Rig

The best fishing rig to use for catching whiting is a double drop rig paired with size 2/0 circle hooks. This rig can easily catch two whiting in one cast, I have caught thirty plus whiting in one day with this rig, and it’s a whiting fishing machine!

I like to use shrimp as bait it really attracts the whiting very well especially since they eat them commonly. Using shrimp will give you that natural presentation because the whiting are used to eating them.

Where To Find Whiting

Whiting are fairly easy to find, you can find them five to fifteen yards off the beach. They are fun to catch and are very delicious. You can fish for whiting the whole year but the best time to fish for them is during the summer when it’s hot in the warmer months.

This is when whiting are the most active because it’s when their spawning periods begin. When your trying fish whiting the best time of day to catch whiting is when the sun is going down, sunrise, and also during peak tides.

You will mostly find whiting inside of troughs in between sandbars not too far from shore the troughs are deep holes that they like to gather in while the tide pushes in the baitfish that whiting usually eats.

When it comes to whiting you will always be able to find them throughout the year especially in the summer so you won’t have to worry about the season because they’re always there ready to be fished.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, when you’re trying to find out how to catch whiting from the beach, make sure that the sun is always shining in front of you along with the tide. Be sure that your constantly working the lure with the tide as it comes to you.

Remember that the best time to fish for whiting is when it’s hot during the summertime. Now that you have learned how to catch whiting from the beach go out there and put what you learned here to the test.