How To Set Up A Lure On A Fishing Line

Want to learn how to set up a lure on a fishing line? At first setting up a lure on a fishing line can be quite annoying here on this guide we make it easy for you to learn how to set up a lure on a fishing line. By the end of this guide your going to know how to set up a lure on a fishing line

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How To Set Up A Lure On A Fishing Line?

The Uni Knot

First your going to start by running the end of the line through the eye of your hook

Then your going to want to turn the end of the line back towards the eye and form a loop

Now your going to pinch both strands and the crossing strands where the blue circle is on the image

Next your going to start wrapping the tag in around the both of the stands of line and through the loop using you free hand on this step the more wraps the better

Then your going to pull the tag in until the wraps come together to form an adjustable loop

Last but not least your going to just pull the main line to slide the knot down to the eye of the hook

Now that you finished all of the steps your setup should look like this

The Knot Locations

Depending what type of lure you have is going to depend where your going to tie your knot to if you have a worm hook you just tie it on the eye of the hook. But on most hard rigs you will tie the knot to pieces called split rings on lipless crankbaits their on the top of the body and normal crankbaits usually on the lip.

When it comes to jigs you will see built in eyes on the head and the ring is there. On spinnerbaits they don’t usually have rings so you will have to tie the knot to the elbow part of the wire frame.

In Conclusion

In conclusion the more knots you tie the better that you will get at it when it comes to this knot tying technique. Now that you learned about how to set up a lure on a fishing line go out there and catch some fish!