Kingswell Fishing Rod And Reel Combo Review

Check out this kingswell fishing rod and reel combo review. Discover what makes this rod so great and what makes it a more unique rod from the other rods out there. What type of fishing rod setup is the rod used for?

How good is the reel? How well does the rod perform and is the rod good for its price point? What are the best fishing applications for this rod? Find out everything you need to know about the kingswell fishing rod and reel combo here in this review.

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What Type Of Fishing Rod Set Up Is The Kingswell Fishing Rod And Reel Combo?

The kingswell fishing rod and reel combo is a one-of-a-kind unique high-quality rod that is a must-have for any fisher out there. It is a travel fishing rod set up that can pretty much fit anywhere you can think of its really that portable! Maybe you’re going on a trip or on an airplane you can fit this in a small case perfectly fine and without a problem.

This rod is uniquely crafted with twenty-four out of thirty-ton high modulus graphite carbon fiber the combination of this construction makes for a strong and sensitive high-quality durable rod, this is the king of portable fishing rods.

It is a medium-heavy rod with an extending length of six feet and nine inches. When the rod is collapsed its size turns to twenty-two inches which is quite compact. A neat feature on the rod is that it has lines on it so that you can make sure the eyelets are always lined up perfectly straight.

The grip on this kingswell fishing rod and reel combo is an EVA foam grip which really just gives you that nice added comfort. What makes this rod great is the uniquely designed floating guide system.

This design gives the rod a maximum casting distance while reducing line friction. The total guides this rod has is eight three being floating guides and five fixed guides.

Another neat feature on this Kingswell fishing rod and reel combo is the real wood foregrip and removable rear grip cap.

If you would like to check out the Kingswell fishing rod and reel combo you can find it here below.

How’s The Reel?

The reel it comes with as a combo looks amazing not only does it look good but its spool is made of aluminum and not plastic. This is high quality at its finest unlike the other reels that have a plastic spool and get damaged quicker and just stop working this reel here is great overall. Not only is this reel made of an aluminum body but it’s also reinforced with nylon.

The reel size is a 3000-sized reel and is left to right hand interchangeable. The handle feels great and is a full CNC high-quality aluminum handle. Visually the reel looks great it’s a black and gold color combination that just looks beautiful.

The reel is a five-plus one-ball bearing reel and has an excellent dragging assist of fifteen pounds so it can really handle that pressure against the bigger fish.

If you are new to fishing and find a combo rod with a plastic reel definitely stay away from it and make sure it’s a high-quality reel like this one.

How Does It Perform?

When fishing with the kingswell fishing rod and reel combo you’re going to love it! The reel feels great and extremely smooth. The rod literally feels like a normal one-piece fishing rod your going to be shocked. The rod feels phenomenal it has that nice strong feel with a nice fast action feel to it. It has an excellent strong backbone that helps when fighting the bigger fish.

The tip is sensitive enough so that you can use a variety of lures like the spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and even worms. The bottom sections of this rod are quite tough and it becomes lighter at the top which helps with its sensitivity so that you can really feel even the slightest of nibbles from the fish.

This is one of the best telescopic backpacking rods out there and it’s made with the highest quality of materials to give it a smooth and long casting performance. You’re going to love the way this rod performs with its stiff strong backbone and the reel that has the smoothest drag system out there.

Most telescopic rods are made just for portability without quality in mind but this one is uniquely crafted with the combination of twenty-four and thirty-ton high modulus graphite carbon fiber that is sure to surprise you when you get your hands on it.

In Conclusion

When it comes to the portable fishing rod setups this kingswell fishing rod and reel combo blows them all out of the water with its high-quality visuals and excellent performance. You won’t find a better travel fishing rod than this one and while your fishing you’re going to forget it’s a collapsible rod and think it’s a one-piece rod.

Thanks to its light and compact design you can take this portable kingswell fishing rod and reel combo pretty much anywhere you want so that when you find a spot to fish at you can have your rod ready to go and fish.

The high quality put into this rod just can’t be beat and makes for a great addition to your fishing rod arsenal if your don’t have the kingswell fishing rod and reel combo your missing out and should really get one for your on the go fishing trips.

This is an amazing constructed telescopic rod that every fisher, no matter the experience that you have should own in their fishing rod arsenal.