What Does Barramundi Taste Like? Incredible Taste!

Have you ever thought about what does barramundi taste like? Well, barramundi has a mild taste that’s buttery and incredibly tasty its fillet is pretty meaty and flaky but there is more than just its delicious taste.

I have cooked barramundi many times and have a recipe for you to try when you catch barramundi so that you can also taste the delicious barramundi taste to enjoy it even more.

I also go in-depth in this article about where barramundi comes from, what type of fish it is, and even where you can find them so that you can catch barramundi and fish for them without having a hard time.

By the end of this post, you will know what barramundi tastes like and everything there is to know about barramundi.

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What Does Barramundi Taste Like?

Barramundi is a delicious mild-tasting fish that tastes like snapper and has a very flaky white meat when cooked. Also if you have eaten snook before it has a similar taste to it but barramundi is much moister.

The flakiness of the meat is just like triple tail fish meat and it’s quite big depending on the size of the barramundi. The barramundi texture is meaty, moist and its fillet has a lot of flake to it which is great.

On top of that barramundi has the taste of butter that’s a bit mild and it has a light fish taste so even if you don’t like a fishy tasting fillet your going to enjoy it. If you would like to check out my favorite recipe for cooking barramundi I have one here below for you so that you can taste the amazing barramundi flavor that I love to eat.

Does Barramundi Taste Fishy?

No barramundi does not taste fishy at all compared to most fish its the least fishy tasting fish in my opinion and I have tasted many fish throughout my fishing journey.

What Is A Barramundi Fish And What Kind Of Fish Is Barramundi?

A barramundi fish is also known as barramundi sea bass and barramundi found in Asia are named Asian sea bass. It’s a catadromous fish species that’s in the fish family of latidae and it lives all over the indo pacific region on the west.

What Is Barramundi Like?

Barramundi is like red snapper or seabass and its body is on the longer side but the main feature on barramundi that makes it easy to identify is its jaw, you will be able to tell right away that its a barramundi because its mouth is rounder than the average fish.

Is Barramundi An Oily Fish?

Barramundi is not an oily fish it’s actually one of the lighter non-oily tasting fish out there making barramundi a perfect fish for anyone that doesn’t like the taste of an oily fish fillet.

Where Do Barramundi Live?

Barramundi are mainly located in Australia and you can also find them in central Florida, Southeast Asia, and west pacific coastal waters specifically in the Indo west pacific region.

The breeding season for barramundi starts in September to march and they like to be near habitats with heavy vegetation and sunken logs so that they can hide underneath them.

Where Does Barramundi Come From?

Barramundi come from the west indo pacific region and depending on their age they migrate to different areas. The younger barramundi will live in brackish water and saltwater areas and once a year passes they will slowly move to freshwater rivers and stay there for up to five years.

Fishing For Barramundi

When your fishing for barramundi keep an eye out for heavy vegetation waters and sunken logs because barramundi will tend to hide there.

Slack water areas are good for barramundi they will hold up in the slack water and ambush their prey when they come through and it’s the first thing I look for when I’m fishing for barramundi.

Hardbody lures are the best for catching barramundi and they are what I recommend using when you’re trying to catch barramundi. Their an aggressive quick fish so be ready when it bites your lure because they will fight hard.

My Favorite Barramundi Recipe

Grilled barramundi is my favorite way to eat barramundi fillet here below are the ingredients to use for grilling barramundi.

  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Barramundi Fillet

How To Cook Barramundi

When cooking barramundi the first thing to do is cut the barramundi fillet into portions to your preferred size since they have meaty fillets and can be quite large. Once you do that add some salt to it and then add black pepper on both sides.

After that’s done get some eggs and batter them put the fillet in a bowl and pour the battered eggs onto the fillet just a bit of it enough to cover both sides of the barramundi fillet. Next, you’re going to add some flour to coat the fillet with and the egg will help the flour stick onto the fillet.

The flour will help give the barramundi fillet a different tasty texture when you take a bite. Finally, steam or grill the barramundi fillet for about ten to fifteen minutes and be sure to watch it at all times while you are cooking.

Once the barramundi fillet is fully cooked enjoy your tasty barramundi fillet and enjoy!

Barramundi vs Salmon

When it comes to barramundi and salmon both fish are delicious but salmon has a much sweeter taste compared to the barramundi taste being more mild. Overall both salmon and barramundi are delicious fish and taste great!

Barramundi Commonly Asked Questions:

Is Barramundi A White Fish?

Yes, barramundi is a white fish and you can tell right away that it’s a white fish when you skin it because its meat is white and with its bloodline being very small it’s easier to tell.

How Big Do Barramundi Grow?

Barramundi can grow pretty big they can weigh more than one hundred and twenty pounds and get as long as seven feet long. The average lifespan of barramundi is twenty years so it’s no surprise that they can grow as large.

Do Barramundi Have Pin Bones?

Yes, barramundi have pin bones but only a small amount of them, and they’re usually removed from the fillet during the skinning process.

What Do Barramundi Eat?

Barramundi are aggressive eaters and will eat other barramundi if they can. They mainly eat crustaceans, smaller-sized fish, and also insects.

Is Barramundi A Freshwater Fish?

Yes, barramundi is a freshwater fish and they are also saltwater fish as well.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, barramundi is a delicious tasting fish that’s not only meaty and moist but also flaky like grouper. If anyone ever asks you what does barramundi taste like well you can tell them it has a non-fishy buttery taste that’s firm and incredibly tasty just like red snapper or snook but with a more moist texture.

Also, be sure to check out my favorite barramundi recipe because it’s delicious and makes barramundi taste even better.

When your fishing for barramundi always look for slack water first because you will most likely find barramundi there waiting for their prey to flow through so that they can strike as soon as possible.

Remember that sunken logs and heavily vegetated areas are great key indicators for barramundi habitats and make great barramundi fishing spots. And always use hard bait lures when you’re going to fish for barramundi they’re the lures that I have had the most success with when fishing for barramundi.

Now that know what barramundi fish tastes like go catch some barramundi and try out my favorite barramundi recipe so that you can enjoy the barramundi taste and see how delicious it is!