What Does Bonito Fish Taste Like? Surprising Taste!

Ever wondered what does bonito fish taste like? Well, bonito fish has an incredible taste that’s similar if not exactly to tuna but just less firm which is still good.

I’ve eaten bonito fish in many ways and I have my own personal favorite bonito fish fillet recipe that you can check out on the recipe section I highly recommend it and it makes bonito fish fillet taste great!

By the end of this fish guide you will know what bonito fish tastes like and even more about bonito.

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What Does Bonito Fish Taste Like?

Bonito is a very tasty fish to eat its crunchy on the outside and has a nice crust when cooked and a flaky meat that’s moist in the inside. It tastes similar to tuna just a bit less firm and more flake to it and its much better than jack crevalle.

Grilled or blackened no matter the type of way you cook bonito fish it will still taste great either way. I like to eat grilled bonito fish by dipping it in soy sauce it gives it an even better taste.

Your probably thinking if it taste so great why is it called a trash fish? Well that’s because its the fish that you will catch more often while your out hunting for a trophy fish like a dorado for example.

Most people think bonito fish is a trash fish but it’s actually not it just has the reputation of that because when your fishing for tuna or any other big game fish most of the time you will catch a bonito fish and they get thrown out for that reason since their not specifically targeted.

Usually when I’m land based shark fishing I end up catching a big bonito fish instead and that’s when I bleed it out and ice it to eat it later.

If you have cut up a backfin tuna before then it’s similar to a bonito fish on the inside but it does have a bigger bloodline so make sure to bleed it out after you catch it and cut the bloodline off. If you don’t cut off the bloodline the fish will taste way too fishy and just not as good so always be sure to cut the bloodline.

If you enjoy eating tuna in general then bonito fish is a fish that’s similar because its pretty much the same taste so if you ever catch one accidently while your trying to fish a trophy fish like a bluefin tuna then make sure to bleed it out and put it on ice because its a great tasting fish!

My Favorite Bonito Fish Recipe

My favorite way to eat bonita fish is bonita fish fillet style the recipe that I use when I eat bonito fish is

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lemon Juice

The first step to cooking this bonito fish fillet is getting some aluminum foil and place the bonito fish fillet on the foil. Once you do that splash just a small amount of olive oil and brush it or you can use your fingers to get the olive oil all over the fillet.

The second step will be to just season it with a bit of pepper and salt and a couple drops of lemon juice then get ready to put it in the oven for about six minutes at one hundred and eighty degrees.

When your cooking bonito fillet you want to always make sure to pay attention and not overcook the bonito fish because they get cooked up very fast since bonito fish meat is much thinner than tuna so five to six minutes is just the perfect amount of time.

Last step is to take out the cooked bonito fish fillet from the oven and enjoy your bonito fish fillet!

Are Bonito Fish Big?

Bonito fish can grow pretty big they can grow up to thirteen pounds and thirty inches. The main reason that bonito fish get this large is because they eat medium sized fish like squid, mackerel, and pretty much fish that’s their size.

They are in the fish family of tuna and mackerel so its no surprise why they get as big and tastes similar to tuna.

Where To Catch Bonito Fish?

Bonito fish can be found in many places since people don’t usually target them and you can find them in Florida to even the oceans and the seas. Some people go deep fishing for them and others just fish at a pier and catch them constantly.

If you want to catch bonito fish often then I highly recommend you use a flashy lure like a spinner or even a flashy spoon.

Bonita fish are aggressive and will almost strike anything they see especially if its close to their size so using bigger lure than your average sized lure is a bonus when your trying to catch bonito fish in Florida.

Most of the time you will see bonito fish be active during the summer when its hot and the water is at its warmest because bonito fish like to be in hotter water temperatures.

In Conclusion

In conclusion bonito fish is a tasty fish that everyone should taste at least one time to see how flaky and soft its taste is.

Remember that bonito fish are mainly near warm water so if your going to go out to fish for bonito fish then make sure its on a hot sunny day and use a flash lure like a spinner or spoon since bonito fish usually strike anything that’s shiny the most.

Be sure to check out my personal favorite bonito fish fillet recipe and try it out for yourself its tasty and it only requires to have a few ingredients to get started and cook.

Now that you know what bonito fish tastes like when you accidently catch a bonito fish don’t throw it out, bleed it and put it in some ice so you can take it home and enjoy its tasty flavor!