Yellow Perch Fishing Secrets Tips

Yellow perch fishing is one of the trickiest types of fishing out there. We have a bunch of yellow perch fishing secrets that make for great tips when fishing for them. Would you like to know what their favorite type of baits are?

Making sure you have the right bait matters a lot, if you have the wrong bait its most likely they just wont go for the bite.

If you don’t know where yellow perch are located it can be extremely hard to ever catch them. Would you like to find out about the secret spots that they love to swim around of. Find out about the yellow perch tactics that will increase your chance at catching them.

Also find out when the best time of the day they are out more often to be able to catch them more often. By the end of this guide you will learn all the best yellow perch fishing secrets their is and will be able to find them and catch them much easier then before.

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The Secret Yellow Perch Baits

Most people don’t know that when it comes to fishing yellow perch, the best baits that they love to eat during the summer time are bull minnows. But later on, on the season its best that you switch it up to grey shrimp bait. Especially when you see the lake perch start to mix in with the yellow perch.

With the grey shrimps your going to catch a lot of fish and have a better chance at catching the yellows. When your fishing for yellow perch when you find them be sure to keep your bait as low to the bottom as you can.

During cold temperatures just put the bait in the hole and just let it sit there. At first it might take a bit for the yellow perch to go for the bite they will most likely want to investigate it before they eat it but they will go for the bite.

When it come to the best type of line for yellow perch fishing I highly recommend monofilament line this line really helps the baits have a slow sinking aspect to it which is what the yellow perch like. The six pound test monofilament is great because it helps with catching the bigger sized fish and four pound usually doesn’t cut it. Yellow perch love when their bait is low and going slow.

Secret Yellow Perch Locations

Yellow perch can be hard to find at first but once you find out where they are you will have no problem in spotting them. When your trying to catch yellow perch look around your surroundings do you see any timber or the debris in the water. If you do its most likely that you will find them there because they attach their eggs to timber and other of debris and are near there for that reason.

The main locations to go to when your going to fish for yellow perch is where slow moving rivers, deep lakes, and canals. You wont be able to find them in cold waters or fast flowing waters. Anywhere where their are overhanging trees, tree roots going into the water, and even undercut banks. pretty much anywhere where the yellow perch can sit and wait for their prey to swim by.

When your fishing on rivers stay away from fast flowing powerful water because your going to have a way higher chance to find them in slower moving water and also deep slack areas.

When fishing on lakes first try fishing on the bottom of a marginal shelf, you will be able to find branches, snags and food for the perch. With these great yellow perch fishing secrets you will find them in no time.

Secrets About Yellow Perch

When identifying yellow perch look out for their color patterns they usually have yellow green colored sides with dark vertical stripes. The amount of stripes vary but for the most part they just have seven of them.

No matter the habitat these types of fish can adapt very well pretty much anywhere and can be found in both cold and warm waters like ponds or fishing in rivers and pretty much any sized lake you can think of.

This makes them amazing for any type fisher because you can find them mostly everywhere and this makes for a great chance to catch them. Also water temperature wise the yellow perch are normally in twenty degree Celsius waters and use that warmth to get their energy and grow bigger sizes while doing so.

For spawning these fish normally spawn from mid April to early may which are perfect months for going out and trying to catch them. They will spawn in areas where their is timber, branches, rooted plants basically anywhere that has wood in the water is a great spot to find them because that’s where they put their eggs and are there so that they can protect them because they are quite protective when it comes to yellow perch.

What’s crazy about these types of fish is that the female can lay up to sixty one thousand eggs which is insane! Also they love to eat insects that are in the water when they are young but as they get bigger they will eat fish like minnows for example and grey shrimps.

One important thing you want to make sure you know is that these fish eat a ton in the evenings and the mornings so if your going to try and catch them try during the morning and see what happens.

Also they can live up to ten years and their size can go up to twelve inches long. In general jigs and spinners work great for these fish.

Secret Yellow Perch Tactics

The best fishing tactics when your trying to catch yellow perch are float fishing, ledgering and lure fishing. These three tactics all depend on many different factors when fishing. They love to be near weed growth water and usually don’t like the clearer waters.

But if your fishing on a smaller water type of location and your know that the fish are there you can use a float or a ledger and just use maggots, prawns and worms on the hook. Throwing a couple of bait where they are will make them really confident to just swim and feed and will make it way easier to catch them.

If you want to tie a perch ledgering rig its a lot more harder and advanced but your going to need a small maggot feeder or lead a guru speed feed a five pound fluorocarbon line and a size eight hook or six works. First your going to pass your main line through the eye of your lead then detach the speed bead and thread the bad section on the main line.

Next you can tie on the swivel with a half blood palomar or uni knot and make sure to moisten the knot before pulling it tight and trimming the end. After that you can take around eight inches of fluorocarbon and just tie it to the end of your hook.

Then at the other end of the hoop link you can tie a figure of eight loop knots. Finally hook the hook link on the speed boat swivel and your ledger rig is complete. When your using a ledgering rig you can use a bobbing or just watch the rod tip.

In Conclusion

In conclusion fishing yellow perch is quite fun but if catch big heavy females full of eggs especially the ones that are thirteen inches and up I recommend that you let them go if you don’t need the meat because if really helps in keeping the yellow perch population healthy so that the future generations can enjoy fishing them too. Put these yellow perch fishing secrets to the test and see how you do, your going to be able to catch them much more often.

Knowing these yellow perch fishing secrets is going to make a huge difference when fishing for them and will be a lot simpler.

Weather a beginner or an expert fishing for perch is a ton of fun and every type of fisher will enjoy fishing them. Now that you know the yellow perch fishing secrets apply them when your fishing for yellow perch and you will be surprised how many of them you will catch and such a short amount of time!